Mandatory vaccination’s path to dystopian prosperity

A temporal thought experiment in which I play Nostradamus.

There’s another pandemic wave afoot that has nothing to do with viral spread.

It’s a “surge,” if you will, an insidious assault that is subtly calibrated with a culture-shattering goal.  There’s a tidal wave of vaccination porn directed at us.  The conformist, guilt-inducing pressure is on.  It’s fierce.

The media reveals its complicity with the government’s agenda.  We’re peppered with stories and snippets about people on their deathbeds whose last regrets are [guess what]?

“Why O’ Why did I forsake the vaccine?”

Several Republican politicians from regions not very hospitable to vaccine submission are making a public spectacle of spitting out the Virtue of the Vaccine.  There is a mass hypnosis campaign underway which seeks to implant the unquestionable need to have all Americans vaccinated against COVID-19.  Contrarian opinion, even if researched and grounded in scientific citation, is expunged from the public record without  any attempt to legitimately address, and its purveyors tarnished as psychopathic cretins whose steadfastness would doom us all to viral doom.  Those who refuse to vaccinate are soundly marginalized with the tools of collective mind control.  Tarred as villains whose privileges are lesser than those of us who chose to be injected with the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex’s rush potions.

The endgame is mandatory vaccinations.

Such a prospect is abhorrent and at odds with our historic right to personal autonomy as Americans.  Our ability to flee the oppressive clutches of a government purporting to know better than us while demanding our compliance is endangered by the hysteria of a very contagious but not very deadly pathogen.


The Vaccinator


Mandatory vaccines will be one of the most unpopular demands ever placed on Americans, so the Biden administration, a simmering pot of ambivalence, has embarked on a PR blitz in which the suggestible mind of weakened American individualism is raped and coerced by vaccine porn.  The shelter is “unusual measures for unusual times.”  The design is such that when the vaccine mandate is announced, resistance will be as minimal as our leaders can accomplish.

As recent history has demonstrated in the realm of governmental workings, the vaccine mandate will be top-heavy with administrators and bureaucratic sludge.  The mandate will be blindingly complex and rife with loopholes and conditions;  it will be worse than the tax code.  The roll-out will be a blizzard of inept communal disarray.  Attempts to validate existing vaccine statuses for millions of Americans will implode into chaos.  Enforcement and punishment will be less punitive than we fear but it will be the principle of the matter:  essentially, our government will tell us that we must be injected with an experimental pharmaceutical product.  Anti-abortionists’ rally cry through the ages has been “the government can’t tell us what to do with our bodies” but watch how quickly that guiding belief is conveniently ignored by the righteous Left when it comes to mandatory vaccination.

I predict punishment for vaccine non-compliance will be monetary fines which opens another can of worms of maze-like bureaucracy.

The vaccine mandate may in fact turn out well over time.  The Biden administration will smugly take a bow.  Herd immunity will be attained and infections may tumble and President Biden will be heralded as a strong leader who led us into a bright, lucrative world of post-pandemic Utopia.  If he remains President after 2024, a bright new American era will dawn.  Millions will dance in the streets and buy more iPhones, homes and cars than ever.

We will buy, buy, eat, eat and all plans will unfold brilliantly.

America will be cured at the price of submission and compliance and the the change in our national identity will be cemented as we embark on a new era of totalitarian hive mind.  But free of COVID-19.


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