Let’s not sexualize female gymnasts. OK. That was easy.

Speaking of gymnastics, a group of Identitarians are performing mental gymnastics as it pertains to the traditional leotard worn by female gymnasts.  In the world of gender neutralization (what it’s all about), nothing is off limits.  All social movements, agendas and ideological itineraries which seek to “level” and “equalize” are simply profuse streams of mindless platitudes that serve no use and lack sincerity.

Germany’s Olympic gymnastic team debuted full-length bodysuit uniforms, previously described as a stance against the sexualization of the sport, during an Olympic training session in Tokyo.

On Thursday, German gymnast Sarah Voss shared a series of photos on Instagram with Olympic team members Elisabeth Seitz, Kim Bui, and Pauline Schaefer. They were all wearing bright pink and black bodysuits that reached their ankles.

The Olympics, like most professional sports, were once free of politics (yes, there are examples to the contrary, but they are sparse). In today’s era of social media and Opinion of Everything, little is untouched by social politics, and nowhere is this more apparent than the playing field of professional sports.

This new German “campaign” of un-sexualization of gymnastics by replacing the leotard with unitards is a whole lot of retard.  Haven’t we been down this road enough  times that we should now recognize the narrative that sexualization is an occurrence of the mind; sexualization is a cognitive phenomenon, and women in short skirts with breasts hanging out are not sexual and how dare we assume they are being sexual because that would imply “they are asking for it.”

Challenge Accepted

That’s what they tell us.

Voss, Bui, and Seitz wore similar full-length bodysuits while competing at the European Championships in Basel, Switzerland, in April. The International Gymnastics Federation allows competitors to wear unitards, though they had previously been chosen by athletes for religious reasons.

According to the BBC, the German federation issued a statement after its gymnasts’ appearance at the European Championships, explaining the decision to not wear more commonly used leotards was a choice among their athletes to take a stance against sexualization in gymnastics.

The German gymnastic team is taking a bold stand against the cosmetic nature of a woman’s representation, then. Ergo, we then presume that women shoulder some responsibility for their manner of dress?

Besides Simone Biles, most high level female gymnasts are not “sexy” in the prototypical manner of thinking, regardless of what they are, or aren’t, wearing.

Simone Biles


Any guy who finds the typical female gymnast body type “sexy” probably has some deviant tendencies that will not be accelerated or dampened by a stupid leotard.

Female gymnasts are athletically skinny in prepubescent shades of underdevelopment and the fact they are wearing what is basically a one-piece swimsuit does not to titillate a normal man.  Men who are sexually excited by gymnasts will harbor questionable arousals regardless.  Slipping girls into unitards as a way of defying this evil “sexualization” is a delusion.

In fact, the pragmatic sneaks into this story. Seems “sexualization” is just convenient bullshittery.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live’s “Naga Munchetty” show on April 28, Voss said full-length bodysuits could help gymnasts feel more comfortable, both in competition and during practice.

“To do splits and jumps, sometimes the leotards are not covering everything, sometimes they slip and that’s why we invented a new form of leotard so that everyone feels safe around competitions and training,” she said.

“Every time you don’t feel safe it’s distracting you from what you want to perform,” she added. “I think that feeling safe and not thinking about what other people can or cannot see is quite relieving when you can compete like that.”

Now those are reasonable, non-sexual reasons. I certainly understand preferring the unitard for its less precarious fit, but “thinking about what other people can or cannot see is quite relieving when you can compete like that” is not sexualization.

The only sexualization these girls are experiencing is that which is projected from the shaky ground of their self-esteem.






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