The vaccines save society from asceticism

Are we mortgaging our future health for the immediate gratifications of amusement, diversion and profit?

I’m an avowed epidemiological layman. I’ve learned a lot the past year, to be sure.  I’ve always had a keen, dark interest in plagues and pestilence, so the pandemic’s effects are not unknown to me. COVID-19 has brought with it daily learning opportunities in the realm of viral outbreaks. In this context, I’m no slouch on the subject of germs, but I’ve had a couple of niggling curiosities that began at the beginning of the “vaccine” stage back in December, 2020.

  • One thing I believe is largely undeniable about the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines is that they are essentially “hacking” the cell’s genetic language. This language is obscure, mysterious and complex. Science has made great advances in its understanding, but many unknowns remain. When one manipulates the mechanics of a physiological system we don’t understand thoroughly, we risk triggering a resultant chain of events which our limited knowledge cannot anticipate. The existence of “junk DNA” is an obvious facet of this strange genetic territory, that genetic player that lacks discovery by scientists. “Junk” is a dangerous misnomer as Mother Nature is ruthlessly efficient. Mother Nature does not actively create obsolete “junk.”  That our genetic system contains DNA we can’t quite define implies there are systemic connections in this closed system that we risk sparking by adding our genetic transcription.  I can’t help but ponder if there are ramifications which will manifest in one year or 40 due to our artificial genetic alterations. For instance, this “dark DNA matter” (sounds better than “junk”) – what is its role and susceptibility to environmental influences, including externally introduce mRNA coding? Much of this is way above my skill level, but the question is a legitimate one.


  • Evolution 101: environmental pressures create feedback loops with living systems. The living systems evolve mechanisms which enable their ability to survive the intruding pressure.  Given this, vaccines are an environmental pressure. Bacteria and viruses have proven adept at building evolutionary defenses to survive the onslaught of medicine. COVID vaccines are designed to minimize the virus’s effects, not its elimination. By definition and practice, a number of viruses are left alive after the vaccine’s offensive; particles which have survived the initial attack and thus possessing survival traits that result in their higher resistance to vaccines and further, allows them to continue attacking host cells and replicating their genetic hardiness.

The science of my first curiosity is beyond the scope of this piece. It’s a curiosity, and I’ll leave it at the for the experts to conclude nothing about.

My second curiosity was addressed by this piece over on Lew Rockwell.

The speed with which the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex responded with a work-in-progress stop-gap measure revealed a hasty campaign to get the world’s commerce rolling again. And to keep the elites…elite. The vaccines aren’t as concerned with saving human life as they are with saving human consumerism.

From the Lew Rockwell link:

It’s important to realize that viruses mutate all the time, and if you have a vaccine that doesn’t block infection completely, then the virus will mutate to evade the immune response within that person. That is one of the distinct features of the COVID shots — they’re not designed to block infection. They allow infection to occur and at best lessen the symptoms of that infection. As noted by Harris:

“This evolutionary pressure is present for any vaccine that doesn’t completely block infection … Many vaccines, apparently, including the COVID vaccines, do not completely prevent a virus from multiplying inside someone even though these vaccines do prevent serious illness.”

In short, like bacteria mutate and get stronger to survive the assault of antibacterial agents, viruses can mutate in vaccinated individuals who contract the virus, and in those, it will mutate to evade the immune system. In an unvaccinated person, on the other hand, the virus does not encounter the same evolutionary pressure to mutate into something stronger. So, if SARS-CoV-2 does end up mutating into more lethal strains, then mass vaccination is the most likely driver.

The COVID-19 vaccines are not intended to eradicate a Coronavirus – they are intended to eradicate the opportunity for society to rediscover lockdown asceticism.  The wealthy need to be wealthy now, not in 30 years, when and if the residual effects from our genetic band-aid manifest.

Today, they can’t allow the population to learn the minimalist habit.





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