Tres “Thousand” Genco had high hopes, big dreams and bad execution

tragic dog video has been online a little over seven months and in that time, I had never used a word. I’m not fond of the word for what it’s come to connote and symbolize, and the pall of ostracization its slinging has cast over many men who are simply harmless, pitiful and alienated in today’s era of female supremacy.

A site search, however, reveals that I broke the spell on Monday in my “woe-man’s lib” post.


Incel search on tdv

In that post, I whined like a bitch about the cultural status of “incel” men who have somehow achieved lower status than women despite the fact women milk the inequality narrative for all its worth in order to achieve their own feminist agenda. Ultimately, low status men are mocked and left in the cold by virtue of a grand narrative that spins them many degrees more dangerous than they are.

I wrote:

But it’s not about gender, it’s about power. You know who has it worse than women? Low status nerdy males, or “incels,” to sanctimonious liberals who would like to pin all violence and misogyny on these men who, ultimately, experience the same persecution that women do from the same male power-brokers that they condemn.

So two days later, this news story breaks that one of those horrible incel types planned on laying waste to a small village’s worth of people.  Three-thousand of them. I couldn’t have blog-timed this much better.

A U.S. Army washout who identified as a so-called involuntary celibate plotted to “slaughter” women in a mass shooting at an unnamed Ohio university, with an ultimate goal of killing some 3,000 people in all after receiving his military training, according to an indictment unsealed in federal court.

Tres Genco, 21, was arrested Wednesday and charged with one count of attempting to commit a hate crime and one count of illegally possessing a machine gun, prosecutors announced. He described himself as an “incel,” which court filings describe as someone who advocates “violence in support of their belief that women unjustly deny them sexual or romantic attention to which they believe they are entitled.”

Nothing like the exaggerated threat of a madman intent on using violence to destroy scores of a trendy victim class to stir up the righteous voices of society. Despite the fact today’s bleeding heart liberalentsia pretends to weep for the downtrodden and neglected, the truth is they are very selective about who they rally around. Those subjects whose violence is aimed at a trendy victim class will only receive disdain and wrath. If those who are deemed worthy of recognized “persecuted status” act up or act out, we are all asked to quietly stick our heads in the sand until it blows over.  And we are expected to not notice, for noticing is an act which, in and of itself, can be construed as any variation of an unacceptable “-ism.”

Every group in society has its “distinguished” representatives who succumb to violence, but these outliers are generally ignored when the group represented is one which has been granted special “get out of jail card” status by the cherry-picking liberalentsia.  Tolerance excuses violence in such situatons.

The case against Genco can be traced back to the afternoon of March 12, when Hillsboro, Ohio sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to his home. A caller, who is identified in court filings as “Individual 1,” reported that Genco had threatened them with a gun, then locked himself in his bedroom with the weapon.

Individual 1 told police that Genco had become “erratic and somewhat violent over the past several months.” After cops ordered Genco to exit the home with his hands up, they took him into custody. A search of his car and bedroom turned up body armor, ammunition, and firearms—two of which had been modified to function as fully automatic machine guns, court filings state.

Individual 1 also informed police that they had recently “found writings by Genco which Individual 1 believed indicated that Genco was planning to hurt someone.”

In December 2019, Genco was discharged from the Army for poor performance and conduct, according to the indictment. In January, he returned home to Ohio. There, Genco allegedly drafted a document titled, “isolated.”

“If you’re reading this, I’ve done something horrible,” it said, according to the indictment. “Somehow you’ve come across the writings of the deluded and homicidal, not an easy task, and for that I congratulate you for your curiosity and willingness to delve into such a dark topic.”

The letter was signed, “Your hopeful friend and murderer.”

A few days later, Genco “conducted surveillance in the location of a university in Ohio,” the indictment reveals. The same day, Genco allegedly searched online for topics including, “planning a shooting crime,” and, “When does preparing for a crime become an attempt?”

On Mar. 11, Genco searched the internet to find police scanner codes for Columbus, Ohio police and university police.

The next day, cops showed up at Genco’s home and found his guns.

Genco, who is now detained pending a court appearance on Friday, does not yet have a lawyer listed in court records, and was unable to be reached. ​​If convicted on the machine gun charge, Genco faces up to 10 years in prison. If convicted on the hate crime charge, he faces life.

Ten years for guns becomes life because of “hate” for effectively doing nothing but daydreaming and LARPing?  In that case, all repressed, blue-balled 21-year-old guys are guilty.

There is no mercy from the Mercy Crowd for young men who are on the wrong side of women or [fill in the blank persecuted group of the moment].

Tres Mil Genco
They call me “Tres Mil” now


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