I love it when Biden tries to be Trumpy!

I was thinking the same thing as this anonymous donor who was called upon to describe President Biden’s verbal flubs which have increasingly proven the dude still has the kernel of distinguishing and unapologetic boomer individuality flickering under that sycophantic Woke ass-kissing milquetoast exterior painted on to appease the Democratic charade.

“A little bit cringeworthy, not going to lie. I think these sorts of things can be said more artfully and less Trumpy.”

The Democrats always gotta be pulling Trump into the fray, citing Trump, diluting their pain and unease, with Trump.  With Trump. Trump Trump.  It’s Trump at the center of all existential misdeeds.

They aren’t capable of accepting that the Trumpian phenomenon is largely generational, not ideological. Hyperbolic, bull-in-a-China-shop verbal arrows are a marker of age, not politics. Left, Right, decline to care, it doesn’t matter:  older folks don’t mince their words. Problem with Biden is that his party is all about mincing words.  They’ve elevated it to mushy, tired artform. They are trying to mold the curmudgeonly old boomer into some illusory Woke puppet.  Sadly for them and their lofty masks, you can only keep the Biden down for so long.

President Biden has been more freewheeling with his remarks in the last few weeks, leading to slip-ups the White House has had to clean up.

The most recent example came Friday, when Biden accused Facebook of “killing people” because of the misinformation spread on the social media network about coronavirus vaccines.

It was a striking statement that triggered a furious response from Facebook. And on Monday, it became clear Biden had gone further and been more biting than he intended.

Less than three days after his initial remarks, the president reversed course, saying Facebook “isn’t killing people.”

“It was a bridge too far,” said Tobe Berkovitz, an associate professor of advertising and communication emeritus at Boston University and a former media consultant. “Sometimes you say something that is so silly, inaccurate, and ill-conceived that you have to walk it back. I’m sure the White House thought ‘Let’s take our lumps on this one and move on.’ ”

Berkovitz called the Facebook flub “pure Uncle Joe,” adding, “You can only keep the leash so tight.”

“He’s always ad-libbed. He’s never been particularly good at it,” he said. “Now as president, it’s just higher stakes.”

“If it was up to the White House, less is more,” he added.

Still, there are those who think the straight talk from Biden also has its positives.

One Democratic strategist acknowledged that while the remarks could have been put more delicately — or more on message — voters like the real talk coming from Biden.

When Donald Trump did that, the Democrats and Liberals literally collapsed into wailing clumps of aghast jelly; when Biden does it, it’s “real talk.”

I savor the fact that the Democrats, in coming to terms with having their own boomer quack politician, are displaying rampant hypocrisies. It’s enjoyable. A reasonable  mind understands Trump was not that bad; Biden isn’t, either. They are just a couple of old holdovers from an era that truly was “real.”  All our modern plastic, ostentatious sensitivities were not in their cultural vocabulary. Eventually the Dems may find a younger politician who mirrors their younger members’ Woke pretensions, but for now, they will need to try to mold Joe Biden into something he “ain’t.”


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