The “supervaccinated” among us

Say what you will about the vaccines.  There has been one benefit.  They have exposed the stupidest, least functional weaklings in society.  Now if we could only dye all these people.  Pink.

Half a brain

I’m astonished that in this magnificent brave new digital world of data-tized everything, we are left with 1985-Tech for “proof” of vaccination.  Flimsy little paper cards with handwritten vaccine batch and date notation.

Completely counterfeit-proof, for sure.

(Let’s not imply this was by design – for the sake of warding off accusations of conspiratorial thinking, ie, enemies of the BidenState).

This puzzlingly archaic tracking scheme leads me to suspect there are many, like Erkin Peksoz, zombie-shuffling around, hopping from vaccination center to vaccination center, befuddled by the grave threat of all things COVID, addicted to the rush and quasi-flu symptoms with each new, illicit round of vaccine treatment they sneak in. The fringes of mental illness stretch the limits of logic and though most normal, functionally minded people would be horrified at the prospect of doubling and tripling up the different pharmaceutical treatments, there are many whack jobs who comfortably justify it. It’s madness and as we’ve learned, nothing lights up madness like a pandemic. If you have doubts, look out the window and observe the vast landscape of a civilized world losing its shit daily in the pandemic’s aftermath.

These high-strung fearful people are consumed with injecting incremental levels of pharmaceutical protection against COVID-19.  They will be known as the “supervaccinated.”  Prudence and logical precaution are obliterated by the overpowering phobic obsession.

This reminds me of a story about my bee-phobic mom (not sure of the clinical name, but most assuredly there is one). She is insanely afraid of bees. For example, she once broke a living room window in response to a single bee in the house. But the most amusing incident was the time a bee buzzed her at the Grand Canyon. We were literally at a ledge which she was about to run off in a crazed effort to escape. It was only because my father commanded her to attention that she regained her will to survive. Amusing anecdote aside, the point is that this reminds me of people who biologically rationalize stockpiling various vaccine lines in the hopes of accumulating maximal protection against a virus that has minimal chances of killing you.  As a famous statesman once lectured us in 2020, the cure is worse…at least to the degree some are willing to engage it.

The mRNA’s have a slim chance of overlapping since they are somewhat analogous.  The danger I see with this arrangement is exponential influence which we will probably see in about 30 years.  The more immediate danger is the overlap of mRNA and viral vector (J&J and AstraZeneca).  mRNA are artificially created and were taught to bypass the body’s natural defense mechanism by coating them in an artificial “container” of fat lipids.  Artificial on top of artificial in the realm of genes is frightening.  Genetic damage does not manifest tomorrow, especially in low exposures;  ask Hiroshima survivors.

None of this matters when the immediate needs of the billionaire elites are at stake.









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