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And this is how the FBI troll-farms and engages in frivolity.

With Thursday’s FBI release to their “vault” of documents concerning the conspiracy-laden death of Seth Rich in 2016, we glimpse the FBI’s emotional warfare with the tin foil crowd.

Additionally, unnamed FBI officials were talking about Julian Assange’s assertion that Rich was murdered for leaking Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails. The trove of documents also includes files on the Trump-Russia collusion hoax and the Clinton-tied firm Perkins Coie.

It remains unclear why the FBI put those reports together with the Rich murder case.

Unclear for some. I’m convinced the majority of FBI confidential “drops” and the elemental existence of its elusive vault are products of their “propaganda division,” results of coordinated psychological warfare. These drops, devoid of meat but full of redacted dead air, serve no purpose other than to present us with logic puzzles wherein we rack our brains trying to fill in the blank spaces with our desire to uncover great conspiratorial mysteries.

As if the FBI would release such information. The placement of carefully-crafted redactions and duplicitous red herrings serves one purpose: perpetuation of conspiratorial stupidity and cementing of stereotypical tropes.

Pages 130-136 of Thursday’s drop have raised some eyebrows, some ironic but pitifully, some unironic.

The 7 pages at the end of the document are pure psychological strategy. Mocking the language and sensibilities of the Conspiracy Right, clever email subject lines and snippets of suggestive text poke through fields of redacted white space. Pages 128 and 129 lay out the “thesis” of the pages to follow: a summary of the ploys of the Internet Research Agency, the alleged Russian influence operation.


In a meta twist, the ensuing pages contain a series of “confidential” emails with subject lines that indicate participants in the chain are mimicking language and lingo of those most keen to the mysterious circumstances surrounding Seth Rich’s murder. It’s as if this document is laying out the enemy’s social manipulations and following it with a hearty round of similar domestic tools. “Look at us, we can do it too!” stabs this leak at the hearts and minds of Seth-was-killed tin-foilers everywhere.

Beginning July 22, 2018, and apparently concluding a month-and-a-half later on August 30, the emails continue, farcical in tone; it’s a contrived banter by a bunch of federal legal types in which they appear as if trying to outdo each other’s mimicry of the Rich-conspiracy talking points, pedophilia obsession included.

The series is kicked off by an OP’s redacted message.

FBI Rich

The contact list is suggestive.

Robert Swan Mueller?

The frivolity continues the next day.

FBI Rich

Wow, so the FBI dropped a bunch of lazy Monday morning on-the-clock goofball emails.

A couple of days pass and this time RSMSC contributes a finale and the email goes dark.

FBI Rich

But a few weeks later the thread is re-ignited and burns out quickly.
RSM’s email group comes alive…with the guest of honor?

FBI Rich

The government gave us a glimpse of behind-the-scenes snarky one-upmanship. And blocks upon blocks on barren white wasteland.

One day I shall start a blog and call it “Redacted.” It would look something like this, a typical post.

Redacted dot com

Hidden but un-redacted, is the original issue investigate timeline of Rich’s killing in 2016. There were a couple of facts I’ve found curious since details first came to light shortly after the shooting.

Rich murder narrative timeline


I don’t know if this shooting was a hit.  I can surely understand why such a conclusion seems logical.  But the facts currently known publicly do not directly explain the events leading to Rich’s death.  All evidence that points in the direction of an assassination are purely circumstantial.

Maybe the answer is here.




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