The anti-POTUS becomes the anti-ex-POTUS

I’m rejiggering my thinking about Donald Trump and his importance to an “America First” movement.

I have not been “kind” to Mr. Trump’s legacy.

Essentially, I have expressed an opinion that he is rapidly becoming irrelevant as his flicker in the public eye quickly recedes into the past. There is a certain dignity and restraint that ex-Presidents are unofficially expected to uphold as they continue bearing the honor of their office’s cherished exclusivity which will accompany them (and their physical protection) for life. But if anyone can bust that paradigm, it’s Mr. Trump.

Ex-President Trump, to you.

Perpetually doomed to being the not-so-mainstream “anti-POTUS,” Trump is well-positioned to be the “anti-ex-POTUS.” Living in cultural exile, he is the shunned government villainous icon lurking in the shadows of a society trying to “move on” while he quietly connives to assert unofficial influence on present government.

The big bad horrible January 6 Insurrection of 2021, in which America was on the verge of violent overthrow (inflammatory language for effect only because that whole narrative is a complete travesty of mammoth proportions) is a hot button topic. Mainstream politicians approach it tepidly and are sluggish with caution. No one dares ask the most elemental, white-elephant-in-the-room question: was the dorky break-in at the Capitol building truly a potential grave threat to America and is the associated fearmongering overwrought with Leftist hysteria whose aim is to create a perception that January 6 was a function of Trump, the Republican Party, and all people who are so unmanageable as to entertain pro-American sensibilities. In other words, does the Left continue to fan the hysterical flames of the January 6 non-event with imagery of Right-Wing extremism as a template for all Right Wing expression and opinion?  To successfully do so is to win the ideological battle before the first shot.

I’m sick of politicians tip-toeing around January 6 but Donald Trump was never a politician and he is surely not an ex-politician.

TOPLINE Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday again called for further investigation into the officer who fatally shot Capitol rioter Ashli Babbitt on January 6—but this time took it a step further, suggesting that Babbitt was killed for “no reason.”

There’s the voice we know and love.

I would assert that Donald Trump does in fact possess a crucial Presidential encore role: rabble rouser with a behemoth public voice, not a retired politician bound by oppressive standards of dignity. He must leave the politicking to other people better suited, but he can be the figurehead. He can be the firebrand who rallies the troops to political action.

I could live with this.

Speaking at a press conference in Bedminster, New Jersey, in which he announced class action lawsuits against Google, Facebook and Twitter for “censoring” conservatives, Trump was asked by a reporter what he did to “stop” the rioters on January 6. (Trump was banned by YouTube, Facebook and Twitter for inciting the riot with online comments.)

Trump claimed he wasn’t to blame for the January 6 mob and called it an “unfortunate event,” before suggesting the violence carried out by “antifa” in cities across the country last year was worse.

He goes where the “legit” political class is afraid to.

We do need Trump, not the Presidential guy; we need the public figure who was there, did that. We need the post-Presidential cretin who speaks outside the paradigm again, the jerk who triggers the Left so they squander their stupid energy on a non-politician while Trump-driven soldiers infiltrate and circumvent the process righteously.

Trump is our Disruptor-In-Chief and his role is havoc now for that is the only method to rebut the malevolent tyranny of today’s Left.


Demon Trump


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