On 4th of July, MSNBC rehashes willful ignorance

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Hey!  Did you know that if you’re a Red Stater, you’ll die younger than your peers who live in over-populated Blue State shitholes? It’s common knowledge and the mainstream media dead-horses this talking point over, and over, and over.

Back in 2017, with Trump still at the helm, they essentially implied support for Donald Trump killed you early.

Voters in counties where life expectancy has stagnated and declined in recent years were more likely to abandon the Democratic Party to help elect U.S. President Donald Trump, a new study suggests.

The mainstream media charlatans are not clinically “stupid” and they’ve all done their obligatory college time, so we know they are “intelligent,” in the academic manner of exposure to critical thinking. Right? You wouldn’t guess it from the garbage they print when covering statistics and interpretation.

In counties with below-average gains in life expectancy or declines, a majority of voters chose Trump, the Republican nominee. But in counties with above-average gains in life expectancy, most voters chose the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

“Although economic marginalization has been cited as a reason for shifting voting patterns, the relationship between changes in life expectancy and the 2016 election results had not been previously documented,” said study author Jacob Bor of the Boston University School of Public Health.

“The very strong association is striking and suggests that the large divergence in health fortunes has mirrored the divergence in politics,” Bor said by email.

The media willfully fails to take into account that Trump’s strongest appeal was to the disaffected, poverty-stricken flyover Americans who today’s increasingly digi-elitist society neglects to help or advocate for in its zeal to help all Woke-approved groups monopolize attention and funding. People in many of these regions, pummeled by lack of industry, jobs or assistance, are fed poison by the food industrial complex and opiates by the pharmaceutical industrial complex, so they grasp the only hope they’ve had in decades: a President who (accurately or not) spoke to them and their plight.

The media might as well tell us, with a straight face of bewilderment, that living in a large urban area predisposes people to die by gunfire and sincerely wonder what the data suggests about this.

Four years later, with Trump out, the media rehashes its convenient correlation-causation blindness.

MSNBC’s headline asserts boldly:

In post-Trump America, political affiliation is directly tied to life expectancy

It should be more like “In post-Trump America, we feel more comfortable spouting preposterous garbage disguised as analysis.”

Four years makes a big difference. In 2021, they defer to the most current leftist proxy for “conservative” – low vaccination participation. Not to be outdone, MSNBC harkens back to 2017.

Decades ago, most American states saw similar improvements in life expectancy; all boats tended to rise as one. Today, residents of northeastern and western states (which generally vote Democratic) are living longer and healthier lives while in the GOP-voting South and Appalachia life expectancies have stagnated.

In 2017, the gap between Hawaii, the state with the highest life expectancy and Mississippi (which has the lowest) was a whopping seven years. White men in large metropolitan areas have seen some of the biggest gains in life expectancy, while white men in non-metro areas have had far smaller gains.

The implication of course, the “dog whistle,” is that it’s really white Republicans who are dying young for their ideology. Dog whistles are muted and marginalized if they are directed at POC, but lauded when their focus is white people.

As the nation celebrate its 245th birthday, it is increasingly and depressingly clear that America is becoming two very different countries: a blue one and a red one, with little in shared identity and vastly different health and economic outcomes.

Polarization is not just transforming American society — it’s literally killing people.

The cleavages in American society have become so extreme that where one lives and how one votes increasingly has life and death consequences. And no recent issue better exemplifies this phenomenon than the growing red state/blue state divide over Covod-19 vaccinations. The vaccine fight, rather than an outgrowth of Trump’s divisive presidency, is just another example of how polarization is not just transforming American society — it’s literally killing people.

Well, either 2017, or 2020, the statistical interpretation remains the same.

Red state status is not unhealthy, per se: the cultural corralling of those not fortunate enough to participate in the digi-elitist paradigm has created a dynamic of ostracization whereby downtrodden, domestic populations, victims of American elitist industry, are relegated to lowest class status in the country.



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