Sha’Carri Richardson…when apostrophes outpace common sense

I’m someone who has very little so it’s no surprise that my conception of “emotional intelligence” is lacking. I have armchair theories of what it is and how it is manifests in individuals. I have a vague inkling of how it works in practice.

By the same token, I’ve assumed emotional intelligence was more meaty than Bill Murphy from Inc. spells out in this Sha’Carri Richardson fanboy piece. I thought emotional intelligence implied a certain attainment of insight into human psychology that allows those possessing it to manipulate their way through the curves and bends of human society with unmatched ease. According to Murphy, it’s as simple as 3 words, well short of Twitter’s character limit.

I am Human            Tweet

I supposed I can stand to learn about the mysterious art of emotional intelligence from Sha’Carri Richardson.  It doesn’t hurt to be preposterously named Sha’Carri.  The more nonsensical “apostrophied” hybridization of Stupid that constitutes your name, the greater legitimacy to pretentious dolts.

Murphy’s positivity porn agenda reveals itself quickly.

This is a story about hard work, dashed dreams, and emotional intelligence. It’s the kind of thing you’ll find in my free ebook, Emotional Intelligence 2021 (download here), and it all played out this week against an Olympic backdrop.

It’s about what happened to world-class sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson, who came so close to reaching the pinnacle of her athletic dreams after dominating the U.S. Olympic trials, only to test positive for marijuana, and then lose her spot at the Olympics in Tokyo as a result.

Before any of the details of her situation use came out, however, Richardson took to Twitter to give her side of the story.

It was short, it was sweet, and it was a powerful display of emotional intelligence. She had only three words: “I am human.”

I’ve removed the author’s brazen link to his E-tome about said subject.

Look, right-or-wrong delineation of Richardson’s use of marijuana is up for debate.

I personally believe she should be able to smoke what she wants (as long as it’s not performance enhancing) and it is her individual choice to determine if its use will be detrimental to her performance. She is an Olympic athlete which is a precarious perch none of us weekend athletes can comprehend. Her life, her vocation, is athletics and physical performance. Since so much is as stake due to this, she should be completely aware what is and what is not permittable to competing athletes. Olympics contention is a rarefied existence. Surely Richardson would make every effort to protect this investment and skip that joint until the Olympics are over.

Marijuana is not permitted and this is stated clearly in the USADA rules. Sha’Carri and her apostrophe disregarded the rules because “she is human.”

Change the rules, not the punishment.





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