Tour de Mindlessness

This ranks up there with the Darwinian cul-de-sacs who fall off cliffs while taking  selfies or distracted parents who forget they left their infant strapped in a car in 100-degree weather.

Allez Opi

Yes, on the surface, the Tour de France fiasco is a “minor” drop in the vast bucket of 21st Century stupidity (I’m sure the bicyclists don’t think it’s that minor, but ultimately it’s a stupid game and no one died), but the sheer unawareness that we witness in the modern world is dazzling.  Inattentiveness beckons in a world inundated with  infinite diversions of both the physical and mental nature.

Contending with our lack of mindfulness is that rambunctious ego that wants to steal all attentionattentionattention.  Modern culture’s mentality is barely 11-years-old, the average mental and emotional age of today’s denizen.  Camera lenses draw us like moths to a fiery light, zapping us into non-commission and inhumanity.  We can’t even keep our reality in order because we need to be everywhere at all times, with everyone at each moment, our minds racing ahead 5 steps in this digital world of need-everything-yesterday clamor.

This mentality is pervasive across culture and it culminates into sloppy, impulsive behavior with no grounding in discipline or serenity.  Our minds are a mess and civilization follows;  until we learn to control our digital, cyber indulgences and thirst to immerse ourselves in 100 diversion streams at once, society will continue to dissolve.  All this distraction coalesces;  it does not withdraw into a vacuum.

We will all pay, and our children, and their children surely will.

Reminds me of an old video I had in my vast collection of miscellany.

Open race courses are a dangerous thing that put drunk Mexicans and clueless women equally at risk.




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