Sympathy/Empathy imbalance is today’s illness

{Me, donning curmudgeonly air of tired elder wisdom}

You know what the problem with today’s kids is? All these Woketards that don’t ever shut up with their sanctimonious bullshit?

You don’t?

Let me tell you.

There is no empathy/sympathy balance nowadays.

Sorta like how modern generations of foodie urban dwellers don’t consume the correct ratio of dietary fats (so they put flax seeds on everything and act like winners), the ratio of sympathy far outpaces empathy. In fact, so distorted is our present paradigm that many youngsters conflate the two.

They could stand a lesson or two in elementary self-awareness.

Sympathy is not empathy, and in fact, the difference is a stark display of the dichotomy between ego saturation as opposed to ego sublimation.

sympathy v empathy

The problem with today’s youngsters is they display ostentatious sympathy as a means of self-celebrating their appearance of dutiful empathy while failing to recognize the lazy source of their ill intentions and charade of virtue.

Our culture is rife with sympathy and utterly lacking in empathy, an unhealthful balance further corrupted by our inability to recognize the distinction. We are a soulless robots parroting human gesticulations of advertiser-approved concern. In profuse sympathy, we see; in dearth of empathy, we only see.

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