Bernice Mirembe chose badly

The first time I heard this dry truism was in college. I believe it was either a psychology or sociology class and the subject under discussion was heredity and genetics and the dooming nature of our parental inheritance.

“Choose your parents wisely,” the professor quipped. The implication being that you might avoid the multitude of inauspicious genetic shortcomings which might otherwise darken your life.

So be wise.

Given the plethora of unfavorable genetic outcomes, how many could honestly choose their parents given the choice?  That’s the magnificent thing about that thought.  Dark irony wins again.

I guess I could stand to be taller, extroverted, ambitious, charming; maybe a little more status-oriented, greedy, materialistic. There is question as to which of these are heritable traits, or to what degree, but I believe they are all inherited to varying degrees.

We can cry about our genetic inheritance all we want, but at least we are alive.

Nothing is perfect, but nothing is perfectly bad, either. That is a stoic practice we could stand to internalize instead of complaining about  the wrongs that predate our birth. Do with what you have;  do not trouble yourself with what you don’t.

If this is difficult for you, don’t forget the parental inheritance some children were handed.  Like Bernice Mirembe, 3 years old, who was one of those unfortunate children who made tragically bad parental choices.

A 45-year-old Canadian man was arrested Saturday in connection with the fatal poisoning of a 3-year-old girl in Toronto.

Toronto Police said in a news release that the girl, along with another toddler, consumed toxic breakfast cereal in March, believed to have been administered to them by Francis Ngugi. The second child reportedly survived after a lengthy hospital stay.

Bernice Mirembe

The two children ate the noxious substance during a sleepover, investigators said. Police charge that Ngugi “accessed a controlled substance from his place of employment,” which found its way into the toddlers’ food. Charges against Ngugi include criminal negligence causing death.

“Found its way into…?”

I’ll say. With parents like that who needs to be born.



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