Society Banal

Our society is turning banal.

Exponential complexity and interconnectedness of our institutions and lifestyles has designed a world in which individuality and the gravity of self is diluted into an amorphous blob of redundant humanity that has sublimated human uniqueness and innovative autonomy into a nondescript communal din.

Instead of our lone voices being heard and heeded, the common and mundane represents the collective voice. Successive generations compound insignificant conformity; the static hum of the hive coalesces into blurred lack of partition or noteworthy as culture respawns its muddled condition, reinforcing the lowest common denominator of expectation.

We are are so encumbered with parroting the meaningless and unchallenged, the path of most accepted and least experienced, that we stand for nothing remarkable and accomplish the comically minimal and tedious.

Soulless and barren of original thought or kernel of unfomented discovery, we rely on commercialism and profit as a means to fulfill that innate drive to destiny. Lofty becomes murky as the dollar guides our cultural poise.

We create cultural monuments whose currency exists only in our ego.


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