The perils of Identity

Sometimes (especially with us borderline autists) we contrive a private lexicon that we defer to so frequently that it becomes our working dictionary and there are the inevitable slip-ups when private meets public, and we use a word so esoteric that only one person (us) understands and that no one else knows what the hell we’re speaking  of.

While working on a future post, I found myself using a private term I’ve used here before, and I was struck:  I’ve used the word with the implicit presumption that it’s widely understood what I’m talking about. I’ve used 2 variations of the magical made-up word and a sitewide search revealed this to me:

Identitariat 1

The Identitarian is that individual who practices Identitarianism and the Identitariat is the population subset which subscribes to Identitarianism.

In defining the 2 words, I developed a third.  There’s no stopping this mudslide.

My motivation for spinning this word was instigated by the Left’s strategy of marginalizing and discrediting the use of the term “Woke” by the Right. Rather than fight back against the honey-pot strategy or sticking my head in the sand, I simply added more junk to my political vernacular.

The Identitarian is the Leftist archetype who ostentatiously denounces labels and the semantics of traditional social definitions. The Identitarian eschews delineations of traditional roles and categories but in doing so, creates a slew of “new” roles and categories which will naturally become redundant and unfashionable in a generation.

Most hypocritically, Identitarians demand that their labels be legitimized despite their plainly relativistic origins. Identitarians don’t want us to notice the objectively loud, while expecting that we do honor the subjectively quiet.

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