Unhappy Secret Service man

Not sure who is pushing the “annoyed Secret Service agent” thing.

Or whose agenda it placates.  It could be the Right, or the Left, but regardless, it is utterly ridiculous. George Conway, anti-Trumping owner of more chins than the Beijing phone book, started it with this Tweet reply to a video of Kamala Harris crashing a gay parade in New York.

Kamala pride

If George Conway recognizes this as “not happy,” he obviously lacks mature comprehension of “duty.”

Only a degenerate sloth like Conway would recognize such a neutral expression as unhappy. He’s like a fragile little child seeking validation in smiles and shallow platitudes and pats on the head.

george conway and chin

Considering the source, it’s not a stretch to believe he is the sort of person who misconstrues seriousness as harshness. He epitomizes today’s Left identitarians:  brimming with platitudes and goodfeels but little of substance. In fact, “substance” is perceived as hate and intolerance by such people, the antithesis to all that is Utopian and Woke.

And leave it to the media to comply with semantic manipulations.

CACKLIN’ KAMALA Kamala Harris ‘annoyed Secret Service agents at Pride parade’ when laughing VP showed up after refusing to visit border screams the Sun’s headline.

Apparently serving in the public security detail for the Vice President of the United States is not a tremendous enough task that those entrusted should also play the part of cosmetic mouthpieces for the happy fakery of political theater as well.






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