Kid Rock was talking to the phaggots, not the fudge-packers

The Daily News declares loudly, proudly and flamboyantly.

Kid Rock stands behind his use of anti-gay slur and doubles down

And Kid Rock is just like,  “…yeah, I’m Bob…”

Kid Rock phaggot tweet

Trolling lightly with his real-life alter ego, “Bob Ritchie,” he escalates his no-shits-to-give slap in the face of woketards everywhere. The same ones who think “faggot” is a slur. I’m a boomer (borderline) and even I realize the words “faggot” in many conversational contexts is no more a slur than the word “nigga” thrown about by hoodsters and rappers everywhere.

Bob Ritchie is fine with bigoted language — but he’ll talk to Kid Rock about his word choices.

The rocking, rapping, country crooner responded to criticism over his use of a homophobic slur during one of his shows in a twisted tweet blaming it on his on-stage persona.

Yes, because Kid, er, Bob, is such a raging homophobe that he would direct the word at his fans even though most are unironically not.

Kid Rock’s horrible “hate speech.”

The “Cocky” singer came under fire following a Saturday performance in Tennessee, where he reportedly became upset with fans filming his show on their phones. Pointing at his crotch, he told audience members to “post this” as seen on video obtained by TMZ.

“You f—ing f—-ts with your phones out!” the 50-year-old Michigan native said as soft piano music played.

The pleasure of a self-hosted blog is that I don’t have to use ridiculous dashes to disguise the emperor’s bad words; I trust readers generally realize Kid Rock shouted “fucking faggots” at his audience so why persistent in the delusion that children are reading this?

If he had said “fucking fags” or “fucking homos” I might be inclined to think he might harbor some bigoted sensibilities.

If he had said “fucking fudge packers,” I definitely would consider the possibility he was a homophobe.

“Fucking faggots?”

Hardly an indictment of butt rangers. Any more than saying “fuck you, nigga” is an ethnic slur.

It could very well be that Kid Rock’s words, phonetically, sounded like “faggots,” but really.




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