Nature vs. Nurture on Tik Tok

Tik Tok
I’m not saying Tik Tok is the worst thing in the world (it is terrible, though).

Believe it or not, I don’t talk in broad generalities like this as a lazy route to pontificate a point. There are a lot of horrible things in this world, and though Tik Tok does absolutely nothing to improve the nature of discourse, circa 2021, there are many worse things.

Tik Tok is that horrifying low-grade purgatorial window into the inescapable reality of our human condition.  Like a Walmart in the hood, Tik Tok is the digital expression of “hell is other people.”  It is not the worst, but it displays our social animalism at its most base condition. Adhering to the principle of “since I can…” and smothering it in our face, Tik Tok brims with inanity.

Still, it does occasionally reveal an interesting facet or two of human nature.

Through the lowest form of amusement our digital world has to offer, a nugget of observational wisdom peeks through. This infant’s behavior is not unheard of; pelvic thrusts are not unheard of and while they may be a bit odd, they are not an anomaly.

What is an anomaly is the glimpse into group perception, and the ensuing dialogue spawned.

Tik Tok
random sample of tik tok comments about the baby video


That is Step One one of environmental inculcation.  Nurture accelerates nature.

Daddie’s gonna dad.

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