Alan D. Blotcky, PhD, Salon contributor, suffers from CTDS vulgaris

Proof that Trump Derangement Syndrome deserves consideration as a mental pathology lives here at Salon.

Alan Blotcky PhD
patient: CTDS vulgaris

Situational Trump Derangement Syndrome is definable as all aberrant, compulsive behavior initiated by the existence of Donald Trump during the time frame of November 9, 2017, through January 21, 2021.

Chronic Trump Derangement Syndrome vulgaris is a continued, prolonged obsession with Donald Trump that continues past January 20. It is a deeply penetrative psychic affliction that unfavorably influences behavioral and thought patterns which manifests in repetitive, non-fruitful outbursts that impede conventional social behavior.

Alan Blotcky, PhD, purveyor of mental health advice and learned observation as related to the lucrative mental afflictions of others, is the victim of a distinct diagnosis himself: CTDS vulgaris, and unfortunately for us, he has a platform to shower us with his pathology.

A real rain of mental shit from this guy.

Donald Trump is running around with frumpy, wrinkled trousers and suffers an increasingly obscure online presence. Who cares about him any more?

Alan Blotcky, PhD, cares. A real testament to academia.

A testament to the persistent practice of Jumping the Trump Shark witnessed in many of today’s mentally imbalanced Leftists.

A growing and prevailing view is that Donald Trump has become delusional. His fixed and intractable obsession with his Big Lie is seen as proof of his psychosis.

But Trump is not detached from reality at all. He knows exactly what he is doing. He knows the difference between truth and a lie — he just doesn’t care about that, if a lie gets him what he wants. He is devious, conniving and hell-bent on satisfying his needs, wants and desires at any cost.

Trump’s “delusion” is simply a conspiracy theory that he thinks has gained the most traction with his millions of supporters. His “delusion” is purposeful and intentional: The election was stolen from him; he will be reinstated as president in August (or at some other time); he could run for speaker of the House in order to impeach President Biden; he is likely to run for president again in 2024. He holds onto his “delusion” because it has successfully kept him the cult leader of the aggrieved and the victimized. His “delusion” has made him the pied piper of the Republican Party.

Ah yes, do you hear it?  The little DSM hamster scurrying around in the PhD’s worried little head as he tries to pierce his vast knowledge of abnormal psychology around the bullseye that is Donald Trump’s fat ass. This CTDS vulgaris is a lascivious thing.  These salivating self-professed intellectuals who demean Trumpism behind their wall of liberal spittle and ivory-towered arrogance plague our post-pandemic cultural landscape.

Trump is a megalomaniac who thinks he is smarter, richer and stronger than anyone else. Everything he says and does is aimed at fortifying his grandiose and superior persona. He never admits to a mistake. He never acknowledges a loss. He always doubles down on a position. He does not care a whit about the people of this country. Grifting others is his sport. Despite being impeached twice and losing the national election by 7 million votes, Trump marches on with his false self of grandiosity. That is not a delusion — it is his psychic machinery of self-preservation.

Only a hot-aired shrink would reflect his own insecurities with such vitriol.

And no sanctimonious Leftist would be caught dead without a dramatic universe-altering flourish of utmost gravity:

How long will we continue to enable this dangerous ex-leader? How long will the GOP remain lost, wandering through the wilderness of his psychopathic mind? How long will democracy be on the chopping block? When will a new, fresh Republican leader come forward?

These are the pressing questions of the day. Not whether Donald Trump is delusional. He is not. He is something far worse.

The more pressing question is: what does Alan Blotcky think about when he’s not thinking about Donald Trump?


ctds vulgaris


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