Scientific superstition and the modern scientific method

Little Sheldon summary

I’ve always been like Little Sheldon (minus the academic or IQ cred).


Young Sheldon title card


I have a devout affinity to science and the art of critical thinking.

When I was young and immature, less “seasoned,” I worshipped science in that romanticized, blustery way where the ends justified the means. As I grew older, I came to see that science, the elemental compendium of facts, laws and axioms, was the core fixture that I truly worshipped. Cynicism and experience caused me to separate science from scientists because I saw they were the human interlopers who put ego, profit and pathological curiosity above the foundations of scientific objectivity. This is analogous to devotion to religious principle tempered by aversion to human expression through organized church and religion; man’s influence corrupts the most inhuman of concepts.

With COVID-19’s appearance, many have reacted to the fearsome unknowns of a very contagious novel virus with superstition. Superstition comes in different forms and we overlook “scientific superstition.”  It is dogmatic “scientific-ism” that some desperately defer to re-order chaos and put a controllable face on an “enemy” which threatens us with enigmatic biological mechanics.  Superstition is an expression of fear abatement, whether it be scientific superstition, or any superstition. For a lot of Americans, the embodiment of fear and danger during the pandemic wore a face.

Faces of pandemic

Donald Trump and most people on the Right faced the superstitious rage of the Left that lazily indulged in stereotypes in order to reclaim their sense of safety, a hallmark trait of superstition.

Even the “scientists” chimed in. Such as Michael Specter who proved his Faucian sycophancy as witnessed in an email embedded in the FIA release of Anthony Fauci’s emails.

Fauci love

His lascivious fancy of his little germ daddy was swimmingly queer. The self-link Specter posted in the email was to a piece he wrote in The New Yorker where he clearly laid out his pro-Fauci, anti-Trump and scientific superstition for all to see in one lengthy piece.

Scientific superstition barely registers amusing during normal “peacetime.”  But in 2021, as we awkwardly exit the pandemic (at least for us entitled First World hellhole citizens who enjoy vaccine abundance), it is revealed to us as catastrophic. Strange phrases like “lab leak hypothesis” and “gain of function” slowly coalesce in our collective dialogue. The image of the archetypal mad (mousy) scientist is rekindled in our popular imagination.

It dawns on us that brainy scientists are actually human and subject to immature, base drives. They are oversized intellects in the minds of 14-year-old children who cannot resist poking at the hive of curiosity while hiding behind the wall of research indebted to preventing that which we are fomenting due to our carelessness.


Mouseketeer scaled

Throughout this ordeal, I get the whiff of a modern dystopic scientific method that is taking root in our post-technological age.

  • Science overindulges in “preventive” research
  • Science, in the flawed hands of Man, falters
  • In the name of Science, man creates a situation necessitating scientific rescue
  • Heralding Science, man contrives a dubious solution, thus alleviating it

The science never alters so man’s ego invariably scoffs at it as he repeats the cycle.






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