“From the desk of Tragic D. Video” is still ticking…

Like any good Trumpista worth his weight, I tried. I gave it an honest go.

Back on May 5, it looked like this. A muted one-way boring stroll in a field of yellow grass.

From his desk

Rather than offering tense exchanges or the insistent repertoire of Trump Derangement Syndrome versus MAGA pronouncements, “From The Desk of Donald J. Trump” was a dim echo chamber that harkened back weakly to that 4-year chunk of life that altered the political life we knew. His bulletin board felt hollow and unfulfilling like an orgasm after 8 martinis. What Donald Trump, or any politician, rambles about in the self-important privacy of their own head is not entertaining or engaging. Reading his one-way site was like reading the back of a die-hard supporter’s car that is coated with “trust the plan” bumper-stickers. I visited his desk on May 5 and wrote about it on my a petit twin blog, “tragic puppy video.”

Of his bulletin board, I wrote, “It’s like Trump Derangement Syndrome without the Derangement.”

Trump’s shtick is drama and tension and this cannot exist in an environment where one one person is allowed to parrot bold statements that no one can retort.  All you have is a banal glimpse into someone’s repetitive chants that only the most obsessive true-believers would find engaging.

For the rest of us?

Time to move on, and apparently, Donald Trump has as well.

The Post reports that Trump ordered his team on Tuesday to permanently shut down the 29-day-old blog “From the Desk of Donald Trump,” citing its low readership and the possibility it could get in the way of a social media platform he still plans to launch later this year.

That strategy is a tragedy (not the tragic dog video sort, even though both are afflicted by severe lack of readership).

Alternate Universe Trump
the donald trump we never knew

Trump launched the blog site on his post-presidency website last month. It came after Twitter and Facebook opted to suspend his accounts from their platforms following the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol in part for inciting violence.

A Trump adviser told the Post that the former president still wants to launch a social media platform in the near future.

Trump’s senior aide Jason Miller told The Hill that the blog “was just auxiliary to the broader efforts we have and are working on.”

That is some horribly weak sauce.

It is not a blog, it is a bulletin board. Most blogs have some latent capability for readers to contribute and sound off. From the Desk of offered nothing of the sort. Jason Miller’s weak attempt to save face is pathetic and only exposes the Trump narrative to further waves of compounded ridicule and scorn.

“Auxiliary to broader efforts?” Did he really say that?  Wouldn’t that imply there a modicum of thought and strategy involved in this “broad effort?”

Rather, it looks like someone thought his thoughts were worth more than the penny most of us weren’t willing to part with.



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