Naomi Osaka just needs to get on with it

Call me a monster, an unfeeling cretin, an out-of-touch piece of shit. Call me anything you want for the sake of my psychopathic ramblings, but I cannot bring myself to feel a lot of empathy for Naomi Osaka  and her mental issues.

Snap out of it and get back on the stage. Quit being a crybaby. You’re a paid performer, a trained monkey who will make more money from sponsorships and prize awards than I can comprehend.  Push through and live out your one-in-a-million talent.  You think you’re the first celebrity or athlete to get the glooms?


Naomi Osaka


Yeah, we’ve all had it tough.

I went through a schizo stage in my 20’s but I kept waking up, going to school, and feeling like utter shit every second of it, and I was not making millions of dollars and prancing around like some over-adulated prima donna.  My asshole psychiatrist (who I intensely hated and sparred with constantly) prescribed me some hard core chemicals that played wicked games with my mind.  I might be sitting in a college lecture and be struck with a bizarre panic spell where I felt I needed to jump out of my skin and the clock, my mortal enemy, seized my soul.

Still, I slinked down and endured. Even shampoo smelled weird to me and the shower soap smelled deranged.  I finally halted the pharmaceutical scam on my own (realizing much later what I did was dangerous).

How are they constructing these younger generations?  No resilience, no strength; they crumple like tissue paper at the slightest whiff of adversity.

I’m not saying Osaka’s issues do not exist. I cannot know what is happening in her head. I am saying that she needs to get on with it.  She needs to barrel through and tough it out.

I don’t get this: she is an elite athlete which infers that she has great physical strength and endurance. I presume this level of physical fitness must accompany a baseline of mental traits that must exist as precursors to elite physical form.

If she cannot perform to her level of physical potential because of an emotional disability, then she can’t be called a “star.”

If she uses her mental problem as a publicity vehicle, she is only an emotional whore.


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