The “great minds” of the Left engage in marginalization of the Right

The Left presumes its intelligence outranks all.

Popular social perceptions inculcated by the media and entertainment paint a polarity of Left = college, professional, coastal, sophisticated, high-IQ while the Right = unrefined, rural, low-IQ, simple, unsophisticated, dogmatic, uneducated.

The Left is emboldened by its self-inflicted societal reputation and rife with condescension and smug superiority toward those it considers lesser beings. Their assumed intelligence is frayed if one assiduously examines Leftists in the wild. They are as stupid and narrow-minded as anyone else. Their esteemed collegiate educations mean little except that they spent a few more years and a lot more dollars to buy their way into the college-industrial complex in order to wedge desperately into a lucrative career of consumption and status-signaling. I’ve met the Left and I’m not impressed. Their egotistical status whoring blinds them to their own base ignorance.

The worst thing is that the Left has infiltrated academia and all which academia feeds: the media and popular conformist culture. In other words, the “shapers” of the collective mindset and pliable perceptions of the feeble-minded; what the media narrates to the public is what most public citizens will believe and acquiesce to numbly so long as they are fed a steady stream of foodstuffs and sportstuffs.  Humans are simple animals and they will most readily absorb that which requires the least investment.

The Left’s sanctimonious hypocrisy is on full display in their journalistic coverage of this survey by the importantly-named Public Religion Research Institute. The PRRI, a brainstorming rampage of the Knowledge Perpetuation Industry that the Left props up to recursively validate its own bullshit through studies and fact-checking services, went to great lengths to conduct a no-shit-Sherlock survey which reveals that Q-Anon dolts tend to be religious, Republican and rabid consumers of right-wing news outlets.  The quasi-intellectual diligence of the Left doesn’t leave room for great maneuvering, does it?

NPR, never known for lacking Liberal cred, steps up the obligatory blather.

Religion, education, race and media consumption are strong predictors of conspiracy theory acceptance among Americans, according to a new survey from the Public Religion Research Institute.
The survey of 5,149 adults living across the United States released on Thursday finds a strong correlation between consuming right-wing media sources and accepting conspiracy theories such as QAnon.

This is what the learned Ivy League hamsters deduce for the rest of us ignorant proles.

The poll examines ties between religious beliefs and belief in false conspiracy theories. White evangelicals and Hispanic Protestants were the most susceptible to the QAnon theory.

The persistent, manipulative practice the Left uses which I call “pathologization” of conservatives is sneakily embedded in passive words like “susceptible.”  And now they have added another:  “cultifying.”

Whatever you call it, the Left’s ostracizing game is their most exhausting gimmick in the book. The Woke identitariat cries about nefarious “marginalization” the loudest, yet they engage in it freely when Conservatives are concerned.

About 1 in 4 respondents from those religious groups said they believed that “the government, media, and financial worlds in the U.S. are controlled by a group of Satan-worshipping pedophiles who run a global child sex trafficking operation,” a statement associated with the false QAnon conspiracy theory.

That’s notably higher than the 15% of Black Protestants, as well as 15% of Americans overall, who agreed with that statement. At 8%, Jewish Americans were the religious group least likely to say they agree.

Black Protestants and Jews are the control group of this scatter-brained study?  What a farce. At least the Left can continue boasting of their educational attainment while mocking the lack thereof among its ideological adversaries.

People without college degrees who responded to the survey were three times more likely to believe in conspiracy theories than Americans who had completed college.

The big bad evil sinister insurrectionists Q-ANON!

Many of us, lacking leftist agendas and who supported Trump and still live MAGA without the fanciful delusions know them as Q-tards, and nothing more. Harmless boomer LARPers who delve into fantastical god imagery and malevolent Kubrickian plots, they are hardly the threat painted by scaredy-cats of the left.

You know who the Left should fear?  (But who they won’t because they don’t represent the convenient imagery that popular culture perpetuates in order to marginalize all conservatives).

These people (yours truly included):

Left should fear

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