The simplest words parents won’t tell their children today

A Modest Proposal
Modern parenting is a tepid affair. Tip-toeing around children’s nascent sensibilities and kowtowing to their infantile expediencies is an evolutionary affront counteracting millions years of evolution’s arrow which once valued children as a product of future generations, thus necessitating we protect and guard them to the utmost diligence but conversely, imbuing them with strength and self-sufficiency by allowing them to experience some displeasure. Children of antiquity were harmed if adults insulated them from cultivating survival mechanisms , both mental and physical.

But modern parenting is polluted; distorted by the hedonistic desires of an entitled sloth, it treats children as the undeserving beneficiaries of complacency and obsessive physical comfort. Children, rather being primed for survival in a primal environment, are groomed for malleability through the non-obstacle course of least resistance.

Our treatment of children has grown from stern compassionate authority to obsequious pandering to their immature demands.  We have lost sight of the fact that children, because they are children, make elemental life mistakes and act from inexperience and that their needs are thus less viable and legitimate than adults. We humor children to such a degree that we are harming their long-term viability by treating them like default royalty.

I believe that if an old-school phrase was re-introduced to modern parenting’s lexicon, a few simple words which embody a traditional notion of authoritarian child-raising, the first steps toward intergenerational sanity would return.

It’s simple.

“Don’t be a baby.”

But it is demeaning, abusive and traumatic, speaking like that to a delicate little child.

And here we are.


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