March 16, 2015

I was browsing one of my Gmail inboxes (yes, I have several, who doesn’t??) and I opened my “starred” folder which only has one email, the emptiness revealed a large background I imported into this profile a few years ago. I’ve noticed it before but yesterday, for no apparent reason other than I succumb to digital whimsy a lot, and I find myself maybe sitting at my computer staring at a random background and beholding its personal history and symbolism.

The photo is striking and I’m proud of it in a snooty quasi-artistic way.  I couldn’t recall much about it except that it I took it from a trolley car in San Francisco during a trip there with my girlfriend (future wife) in March, 2015. The lighting when I took it created a dramatic solar backsplash which seemed very striking in contrast to the foreground cityscape of late-in-the day San Francisco, dimly shadowy and urban.


The meta tag said this was taken on March 16, 2015, at 3:24pm, but I think that’s dubious. It looked a little darker than 3 in the afternoon in the month of March. I have a bad habit of not changing the time stamp on my digital camera regularly; it’s possible this was really 4:30.

Who knows, but the image is a nice sunset brilliance. Seems magical which is fitting for what I consider a very magical city.

The trip was magical and horrible and dramatic and personally trying.

Looking at this photograph, I can imagine that a galactic fireball was racing at Einsteinian speeds and distorting the temporal distance between me, then and now where “now” is a constant value of this moment.

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