Social engineering by the Vaccination Industrial Complex

Is it only me or does everyone automatically think about COVID vaccines and getting laid in the same breadth? It just follows, I would think.  Get your jab, and then you “jab” or be the “jab-ee,” wink wink. Logic’s directional arrow of time as far as I’m concerned.

<farce off>

Not sure how long I can go with that, but despite the farcical nature of this post’s opening, the cultural brokers and pushers of COVID vaccines are indeed embarking on the next, and more reliable, campaign to procure maximal vaccinations in the population.

Legislation and institutional mandating are limited by principled anti-vaccination opinions and fears.  Leaders of government and institutions can enact all the rules they want but naysayers will retreat into stubborn beliefs and concerns in defiance, even if their concerns are not shared by society.

Next level of our lascivious vaccine roll-out is one which today’s Woke tyrants are well-versed since most of them are high school-level she-man bitches (and real bitches): social engineering.

A light, friendly tap on the door and a plaintive plea for cooperation.

tap tapping at the chamber door

Or the slow burning infiltration of our most prized ego signaling possessions:  social vibrancy and acceptance.

States and local entities are offering all sorts of incentives to get inoculated against COVID-19 — beer, food, lottery tickets, dinner with New Jersey’s governor — as vaccination rates plateau or decline across much of the U.S. The White House is looking to leverage love — or at least libido — to boost vaccination rates.

In a collaboration announced Friday, the White House and nine dating sites under the Match Group umbrella are launching a campaign to boost dating customers who get vaccinated, are already vaccinated — or maybe just say the are vaccinated. Details “will be available in the coming weeks,” the Match Group said.

Covid match

The nine sites — Tinder, OKCupid, Match, Bumble, Hinge, BLK, Chispa, Plenty of Fish, and Badoo — will offer various ways of making people with vaccine-related badges or profile markers more attractive to prospective dates. The various sites will launch their campaigns soon and run them through July 4, the date at which President Biden wants 70 percent of all adults to be at least partially vaccinated. Proof of vaccination will get love-seekers “like boosts, super likes, and super swipes,” the White House said.

When we were 15 (which appears to be the semi-functioning mental and maturity age of society), parental decrees were heard and generally dismissed as irrelevant and unreliable to our functioning life; the true forces and motivators of action or behavioral adaption were peer-driven appeals to our ego and need for immediate gratification.

We don’t grow up much beyond this state and the vaccination industrial complex’s upcoming strategy is the exploitation of our vast immaturity.

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