Vaccine floptics strikes again!

What do you call it when the hot and bothered news media captures a vaccine casualty during one of their many “vaccines are saving mankind” segments?

Well, there was this fiasco back in December when vaccines were rolled out to the general public.

Conjecture from the conspiratards at the time was that the nurse had in fact perished and that everyone, including the Pope, was complicit in covering it up, but that has been refuted. It’s too easy to make mysterious claims when you are a true believer. We don’t know if she is dead or alive or what. The point of the matter is that these were horrible optics during the initial roll-out when authorities were trying to sell the safety of their high-profile vaccine rush-job.

The horrible optics continue.

The Chattanooga fainting footage was a little more austere nuts and bolts while the one from what appears to be Latin America is a bit more surreal and Lynchian because of the music piped into the post-vaccination waiting area where they observe you to assure that you don’t collapse into genetic mounds of gel. It’s a strange experience waiting “patiently” in a folding chair with other folks who are also waiting for the same thing. The clock ticks and you wait apprehensively for an itchy throat or dizziness or shortness of breath and finally, none of that happens and you run off, happily jabbed.

The person in the background apparently didn’t make it that far. Most awesome was the rapidity with which the lady being interviewed ran to tend to the collapsed person.

Bad vaccine optics, or as I prefer to call them, “floptics.” Sucks when that one in a billion trillion case happens on camera!


May Parsons and Margaret Keenan after jab

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