What came first? The Thug or the Uninspired?

I’m sorry man, but this shit is becoming a dime o’ dozen kind of diversion.

Insert gangly black yoofs in sags.
Add spry old asian in casual slacks.

Bam, you have it!

Another ill-advised assault and knockdown. Beating up Chinese is so 2020, though. Is this the best these kids can come up with? I suppose thugs don’t become thugs by displays of innovation or trailblazing creativity. Beating up old people and robbing them is so normie.  Who needs to reimagine that?

Even thuggery is trendy and goaded by popular perception. Old asians are the It victim so let’s unleash on them in various stages of alarming randomness. The guys in this video entertained a fresh approach.  “Thinking outside the box” thuggery.

The 80-year old victim from Saturday’s attack was robbed of a watch and sustained minor injuries. He believes the crime was hate-motivated. Police say because the victim called out for help the suspects took off. However, a similar vehicle was seen in a strong-armed robbery in San Leandro less than two hours later. The victim in that incident is described as a younger woman who was robbed of her purse.

The news story conveniently fails to mention that the victim of the robbery two hours later was Hispanic.

I guess that’s not victim enough now, or ever, for the shrill chattering masses.

Still, have to give the thugs a couple of points for originality.

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