I propose a new party: the No-nutter Republicans

There’s been conjecture about the fracturing of the GOP. Will a group of populist-minded America First (ie, like me) split and form their own party, or better yet, subsume the Republican Party after banishing Liz Cheney to the curb? Have the boomers destroyed, among everything else, the national sense of American identity for the sake of their puppet masters, the globalist elites and corporate greedmeisters?

I don’t know where we’re headed or what will become of this nouveau post-pandemic political landscape, but I would like to propose a new party on my own. If we’re going there, why not go all out. Go big or go Woke as they say.

Of course, prompted by more mental illness from the Far Right.

An elected GOP official in Arizona is peddling a false claim that the COVID vaccine not only causes death but turns those who receive the jab into “potted plants.”

Jim O’Connor – a state corporation commissioner who was elected in November to oversee companies in charge of utilities like electricity and water – claimed in an interview with local news outlet the Arizona Republic on Saturday that the government was hiding numbers of vaccine-related deaths and serious side effects.

“I’m also aware through other information that many people who have taken the shot, many thousands of people here in the US, are deceased. And the deceased part is the good news. And please don’t take that out of context,” O’Connor told Ryan Randazzo of the Arizona Republic.

“But the alternative to being deceased after the shot, there are something like 40,000 plus recorded cases of people that are now potted plants. They are human vegetables. They’ve lost their ability to function,” he said.

I suspect we have more than 40,000 potted plants in this country and most of them owe nothing to vaccinations.  My own new party will be called the No-nutter Republicans.  We’ll offer all the right-wing extremism America loves to hate minus the embarrassing scientific quackery and pathological paranoia.

Vaccine skepticism is encouraged, however.

Pharmaceutical skepticism is absolutely encouraged, and in fact nearly impossible to ignore. I simply ask for a level head and objective scientific inquiry free of superstition and autistic paranoia.

I am very leery of the COVID-19 vaccinations and I do believe they were rolled out prematurely for the sake of rekindling a dying economy; a “few” deaths or disabling reactions are tolerable if the alternative is absolute economic death.  That’s your elitist government at work.

But they must argue with science, not with lunatic theories about alien DNA or 5G waves or zombie invasions.

Nothing demolishes you gravitas more than teetering on the edge of believability every time you launch into a nonsensical tangent about the horrible vaccine conspiracies. Vaccines need to be judged harshly and cynically, but reasonably and sanely.

We need a nationalist party of stark right-wing values that is not distracted by ignorant mythologies. Otherwise my message about issues I feel are pragmatically important is subverted by ridiculous quack warnings about insidious Gate-sian vaccine plots to overturn the human race. Suspicion of vaccines is well-founded, but it must be folded into an overall reluctance to embrace the culture of elitism that creates collective despondency of panicked compliance.

We on the Right are fond of complaining about the egregious self-victimization that Woke culture propounds and encourages, but all our whining about enigmatic vaccine narratives and obscure voting irregularities is essentially self-victimization when you get right down to it.

The Right needs to bring proof to the table; objective evidence, while banishing winding conspiratorial narratives to the trash bin for they don’t do our wider agenda any favors.

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