Hooligans of the Post-Pandemic Dystopia

Some words, through the sheer nature of their tonal structure and synergistic syllable arrangement, just work.  Their sound, the cadence, the way they roll from our lips…they are precisely the word called for to describe their definition.

Hooligan is such a word. I would never imagine hooligan could be used to describe a charity worker or a missionary or a student of ancient Greek philosophy. Hooligan describes something quite unlike that:  it is chaos, ultra-violence, psychopathy. Hooligan is berserk.

Hooligan is not a calm sensory.

Despite its distinct effect, “hooligan” appears to have fallen out of favor in recent generations.   The time has come for a resurgence of the wonderful word. It is the perfect slur for our era.  At the very least, it is a slur against white people which is fashionable in today’s social climate. At worst, it is of neutral enough ethnic flavoring that it can be used in a color blind denotation of all manners of youthful and urban misbehavior and exuberance.

Here we have a wonderful description which we can use to pin on all degenerate delinquents, regardless of their color.  This type has flourished in the post-pandemic dystopian shithole.  They maraud in cars or on foot, laying waste to all that stands in their path.

Yeah, yeah, I’ll stop using that bad racist dog-whistle, “thug,” but prepare for its color-blind replacement:  hooligan!

The modern hooligan can find a useful niche in today’s post-pandemic anarchical jungle.  Savages roaming the unpoliced streets, maiming, killing, destroying.

Upheaval comes in all colors.

A Clockwork Orange



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