Brandon Mitchell, the BLMole who sneaked into the jury room

Brandon Mitchell, aka juror #52 in the Derek Chauvin trial, lied during the jury selection process, but it won’t make a lick of difference. Woke solipsism will see to it that his “lie” is deconstructed so painstakingly that we’ll be left scratching our heads at the semantic maneuvers which are form-fitted to prove that the questions Mitchell answered are accurate in spirit despite the pragmatic reality those of us with objective eyes can see.

A juror in the Derek Chauvin trial may have jeopardized the guilty verdict by attending a rally last year and wearing a “Get Your Knee Off Our Necks/BLM” T-shirt, raising questions about whether he told the truth during jury selection.

Mitchell was clearly inculcated with a racial agenda and he used his role as juror to implement it.

Not only that, he feels everyone should do the same.  In the name of “racial equality.”


Mitchell clearly lacks the understanding of the traditional intention of jury service. (Pst, it’s not about the propagation of an agenda…)

If he had been upfront during jury questioning and the defense team accepted him based on the supposed honesty and accuracy of his responses, there’s no quarrel.  But he misled with not-really-truthful answers.  But a Woke solipsist can find a way to carefully hedge plausible deniability into any host of hates and intolerances.  And the mainstream media will wet itself perpetuating the solipsism.

A photo, posted on social media, shows Brandon Mitchell, who is Black, attending the Aug. 28 event to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech during the 1963 March on Washington. Floyd’s brother and sister, Philonise and Bridgett Floyd, and relatives of others who have been shot by police addressed the crowd.


Brandon Mitchel, BLM
When your damned boomer uncle posts that shit…

Instead, Mitchell lurches into verbal gymnastics to redefine his actions under the guise of BLM-level incomprehensibility.

Mitchell, 31, acknowledged being at the event and that his uncle posted the photo, but said he doesn’t recall wearing or owning the shirt.

“I’d never been to D.C.,” Mitchell said of his reasons for attending the event. “The opportunity to go to D.C., the opportunity to be around thousands and thousands of Black people; I just thought it was a good opportunity to be a part of something.”

Mitchell said he answered “no” to two questions about demonstrations on the questionnaire sent out before jury selection.

The first question asked: “Did you, or someone close to you, participate in any of the demonstrations or marches against police brutality that took place in Minneapolis after George Floyd’s death?” The second asked: “Other than what you have already described above, have you, or anyone close to you, participated in protests about police use of force or police brutality?”

The specificity of the first question dumbfounds. So it was OK if you protested the defendant’s actions while you were in Portland, but not if you did the same in Minneapolis? Handing jurors that semantic barrier to hide behind is like giving the foxes the key to the henhouse.

Mitchell told Nelson during jury selection that he had a “very favorable” opinion of Black Lives Matter, that he knew some police officers at his gym who are “great guys,” and that he felt neutral about Blue Lives Matter, a pro-police group. He also said he had watched clips of bystander video of Floyd being pinned and had wondered why three other officers at the scene didn’t intervene.

He said he could be neutral at trial.

Mitchell told the Star Tribune that last summer’s protest was “100% not” a march for Floyd.

“It was directly related to MLK’s March on Washington from the ’60s … The date of the March on Washington is the date … It was literally called the anniversary of the March on Washington,” he said.

“100% not a march for George Floyd” but the tropes and signaling were all Floyd with his cartoonish face plastered everywhere.

“I think they asked if I attended any protests for George Floyd or anything for police brutality. My answer was no because I hadn’t,” Mr. Mitchell told WCCO-TV in Minneapolis. “This particular march was more so for voting, voter registration. Getting people out to get out and vote for the presidential election that was upcoming a couple months afterward … This was the only thing I attended.”

The march was held to commemorate the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, but the National Action Network billed it as the “Commitment March: Get Your Knee Off Our Necks,” and several members of the Floyd family spoke.

Mitchell slipped in as a BLM mole and now his attempts to disclaim an agenda look hollow and ulterior.  Only the most ardent haters of Derek Chauvin and the police (pretty much all Democrats and Leftists) would place any credence in his excuses.

I foresee much tangled and tedious dissection of Mitchell’s answers and motivations and the perception of his actions.  And because the Woke MSM dictates the wider narrative, “wise minds” will conclude Mitchell had no agenda in assuming an impartial juror identity.

The trial is never over, it seems, but the verdict is a fix.  Chauvin will always be guilty.




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