“A person briefed on the matter” lets the NYT/WAPO duo down in an ugly way

Yesterday’s May Day retraction by the New York Times and Washington Post is a mammoth example of journalistic meddling into realms it has no business in, especially for these two institutions of weighty journalistic legitimacy. Both outlets, comfortably steeped in archaic reputations of integrity and piercing investigation, are like bloated ocean liners that have a formidable task if they are asked to change heading on a dime in response to oceanic upheaval.

In this case, oceanic upheaval being their egregious misinformation dump across the cultural blackboard of chronic Trump Derangement. This is a complex series of failures and has deeper ramifications than can be quickly discerned. I’m still trying to contextualize the chain of events and the hypothetical suspicions that merged to assemble this situation where two fixtures of American journalism were caught with their pants down.

The Washington Post and New York Times have been forced to correct a key claim in their coverage of Rudy Giuliani’s arrest that he received an FBI briefing warning him he was the target of a Russian disinformation campaign.

Both papers had claimed the former New York City Mayor was briefed by FBI agents that he was being used by Russia to dig up dirt on Joe Biden in the leadup to the 2020 Presidential election.

This Tweet visualizes the second-rate press ineptitude well.

NYT WAPO Tweet sidebyside

Curiously, the Washington Post fallaciously reported that not only was it Giuliani who was warned by the FBI, but One America News, great Right Wing media villain, was as well.

The Post also reported One America News had also been briefed. Both Giuliani and OAN had denied the briefings took place.

So.  Let’s summarize because many better minds have recreated the nitty-gritty chain of events for us.  Now it’s a game of interpretation and of connecting the dots and much conspiratorial postulation.

The “breakdown in accuracy” had a domino effect which influenced the Ukraine narrative several leagues downstream.  A conscious effort by the FBI to warn parties they were the targets of an organized Russian disinformation campaign would have altered the complexion of the ongoing investigation in a tinge of Bad for Rudy.  The NYTWAPO very willingly played the complicit pawns in establishing a basis of plausible deniability and cosmetic guilt by association as a means of accelerating the current legal damnations of Giuliani and Trump.  

Unable to contain their bloodlust, anti-Trump cast members began their sanctimonious condemnations on cue.

Asha Rangappa

How is it that an ex-FBI public media commentator recited false info as if the newspapers were her only source of information?  Wouldn’t she have been privy to nothing-burger inaccuracies of the apocryphal warnings Giuliani and OAN supposedly received?

More likely, she knew, but didn’t expect the lie to get blown open.  She was doing her part in perpetuating the anti-Trump PR campaign.

Who was this mysterious “person briefed on the matter” anyhow?

Methinks that any ineptitude on the part of the NYTWAPO was exceeded in degree by current information feeders in Biden’s government.  Furthermore, the egg all over the media’s face is scalding and the blistering burns will take a while to heal.

Who wants to pull the bandage off?





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