Simulblogging: Boob ratio

I first time I heard this term was when I was a young Dodger fan during a televised road game.

Simulcast (a portmanteau of simultaneous broadcast) is the broadcasting of programs or events across more than one medium, or more than one service on the same medium, at exactly the same time (that is, simultaneously). For example, Absolute Radio is simulcast on both AM and on satellite radio. Likewise, the BBC’s Prom concerts were formerly simulcast on both BBC Radio 3 and BBC Television. Another application is the transmission of the original-language soundtrack of movies or TV series over local or Internet radio, with the television broadcast having been dubbed into a local language.

The Dodgers typically televised weekend road games, which in the 70’s, was a big treat. The play-by-play would broadcast on radio while a separate announcer and audio stream would accompany the televised portion.  Usually, around the 7th inning, the announcer (usually Vin Scully) would announce, “we are now switching to simulcast” and both audio streams became one. That merged play-by-play would then broadcast “simultaneously” on both radio and television.

Since I’ve recently kicked off my Substack blog called tragic puppy video (a petit version of tragic dog video), I vowed that both blogs would run independently and that I would not double-post because that would be stupid and unnecessary.  Why bother with 2 blogs, then?

But I am a pragmatist and I realized occasionally a double-post would be called for if the subject matter fully coalesced.

I created a new meme that fits the bill.  It might be something I could normally post to either blog, so why not do that?

My forgettable memes are the stuff of lore.  I am on a mission to create the digital world’s most popular, ubiquitous meme, but each attempt’s tragic result creates more cringe than recognition.

In response to President Biden’s warm fuzzy moment of female empowerment before his speech to Congress on Wednesday night, I could not resist.  As I never can.


Boob count

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