Mae Martin is a construct

Who is this “Mae Martin” anyhow?

A photo tells me what I don’t know.  Who is Mae Martin?  What is she, why is she.  A philosopher might comment that she is a merely a cognitive reflection of our learned perception.  My learned perception informs me she is a female who looks like a teen-aged boy.  In other words, one of those dime-a-dozen lesbians cluttering the self-important playing field of pop entertainment, circa 2021.

Mae Martin


Mae Martin has that eminent Smart Dyke Sensibility (see Ellen DeGeneres) which precludes her from skepticism or cynicism (except from someone like me who isn’t part of the mainstream “construct”).

Mae Martin construct

My quarrel with the “gender is a construct” narrative is that it is willfully incomplete. In order to belabor a point, purveyors of the phrase neglect an important qualifier that would complete the description in an encapsulated form that would be logically cohesive. They should say “social expression of gender is a construct.”

Absolute objective definition of gender is not a construct.  It is a measurable genetic assortment.  Genders are XX and XY.

If you are XX but your pronoun of choice is anything other than “she,” you are utilizing a “construct.”  The polarizing “issue” is semantics. Gender as a construct, or gender as an absolute.

The problem becomes one of how far do we allow the nebulous partition to affect everyday tradition?   Do gender categories for meaningless stuff like awards shows reflect the new non-binary paradigm?

The use of gendered categories in awards shows has been a topic of debate in recent years.

Non-binary singer Sam Smith previously said of the Brit Awards after the organisation decided not to scrap gendered categories: “The Brits have been an important part of my career, one of my earliest achievements was winning Critics Choice in 2014. Music for me has always been about unification, not division.

“I look forward to a time where award shows can be reflective of the society we live in. Let’s celebrate everybody regardless of gender, race, age, ability, sexuality and class.”

We are expected to shed the binary world of simplicity for the ambiguous world of No Boundaries. We may wake up one day in a world where best Acting Performance in the XXY “their/it” category is a thing.  And the winner is a self-identified “thing.”


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