The futility of an average shooting spree in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has seen an upsurge in the ultra-violence this year, as has most of the country. The unfortunate confluence of COVID-19 and George Floyd has precipitated an anarchic, nihilistic vibe across the country. Dark violence is visiting upon us the horrors it has displayed South of the border for some time now. Unlike Mexico, our new violence isn’t as gratuitous and won’t be easily mistaken for a bloody scene from your garden variety slasher movie, but it’s new and very farcical, and it doesn’t appear to be letting up.  Don’t underestimate the City of Angels.

According to this article,

The shooting rampage adds to LA’s recent rise in violent crime. The number of people shot in the city has increased 73% this year, compared with the same time period in 2020. The police killing Tuesday marks the second time LAPD officers have fatally shot a person in four days.

And the shooting rampage in question makes little sense and lacks context which gives it a more dreadful tendrils.

Los Angeles police fatally shot a man early Tuesday suspected of going on a violent rampage in the city’s downtown, shooting several people — killing two of them, including a newlywed — seemingly at random before leading police on an hours-long chase that ended in a standoff on a freeway overpass.

“This appears to be random acts of violence,” police Lt. Raul Jovel told reporters in Fullerton, where the man was shot. “We have no idea what precipitated this.”

The man had been driving a white Jeep Cherokee and refused pleas from police and a family member to surrender, authorities said. Shots were fired at police during the standoff and one officer returned fire, killing the man.

The drive-by shooting began around 12:55 a.m. near the University of Southern California when the suspect pulled alongside a victim’s vehicle and fired multiple rounds at him, LAPD Chief Michel Moore said later during a police commission meeting. The victim suffered a bullet graze wound to his head; he is expected to survive.

Moore said a dashboard camera inside the victim’s vehicle captured part of the shooting and the Jeep’s license plate, which helped officers circulate a description of the car.

About 10 minutes later, another shooting occurred less than a mile (kilometer) away. The suspect drove alongside another man’s vehicle — this time in a Starbucks drive-thru — and backed into it, causing a slight crash. The suspect then fired into the vehicle, killing a newlywed who was driving with his wife, Moore said. Police believe there was a “verbal exchange” between the couple and the gunman but Moore did not know what had been said.

The second deadly shooting occurred around 1:25 a.m., about 3 miles (4.83 kilometers) away from the second scene. A man was driving when the gunman pulled up next to him and began firing through the window.

A fourth incident was reported shortly after the homicide, Moore said, when the suspect fired at a vehicle in an intersection.

Officers spotted the suspect’s Jeep and began a long pursuit, which included the suspect firing at a white Tesla while driving. The driver was not injured.

The gunman, unidentified as of now, took his motivation, agenda or psychosis to the grave with him.  His 2 murder victims were Hispanic and Asian.  We’ll never know the roots of his “rampage” but he shot at a Tesla driver, so I don’t want to come down too hard on the guy. I have a soft spot in my heart for enigmatic whack jobs.

The last moments of his tortured existence were captured on video as he sat fitfully in his Jeep.


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