What came first, the metaphor or the abomination?

This is not dreadful.

It’s just not pretty.   Figuratively, literally, viscerally.

What will people remember of us in 50 years?  Fifty years ago, what would people have thought of us and this demented cultural trajectory we boast?

What do we think of ourselves now?

Governor Caitlyn

California has come a long way, baby.

The Golden State, American jewel of the Pacific, land of promise and riches, idyllic wonderland of shimmering beauty, is a victim of its prosperity. Globalist destruction of the American middle class has seen California, the seller in this grand seller’s market of -SA, become a derelict microcosm of America’s shrinking capitalist model. California is a Third World shithole where the spectrum from utter wealth to utter destitution radiates geographically inward, in that respective gradient, from the coasts to the arid inland. The demarcation between wealth and despair is now an abrupt cliff with little intermediate zoning. Former middle class havens in coastal urban areas are supplanted by shantytowns and tents.

California is ready for next level abomination governor.  If not now, when?

Hollywood’s sense of irony nowadays could never have contrived such a metaphorically vicious script.

Bruce Jenner

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