Bartleby TDV caught on tape!

My desktop computer, from where I “pen” my legendary posts for tragic dog video, is about 8 years old and is fraught with an abusive history of interrupted power hits and abrupt red alert shutdowns (accidentally turning the power supply off while the computer is on, whoops).  I’m too cheap to purchase a battery back-up power source so I’ve gambled but inevitably, something always goes wrong with my power while my computer is on.  Power outages, lightning storms, brown outs…all of them coalescing to inflict maximum damage to my poor desktop. Recently it has begun displaying symptoms of fatigue and instability after a lifelong succession of power ravages. It has started to shut down with no warning and the power supply is failing.  I’ve resolved to retire this workhorse at last but first I am endeavoring to bleed every little bit of use I can of its dwindling utility until the day it just collapses to the floor for good.

Last week I began the tedious process of negotiating the silicon minefield of random shutdowns and processor freezes while attempting to transfer my gazillion files to external hard drives. There were so many photos, documents and videos that I doubt I will be able to seriously complete a full accounting in my lifetime.  Still, I hold on to them for no apparent reason.  Digital hording is a thing but it’s so nonintrusive that one doesn’t feel inclined to make a reality show spectacle of it.

Yesterday I skimmed through a few images stockpile from random periods of my life; there’s nothing like going through a personal photo album to drive home the insignificance of our place in the realm of time’s march.

I found a photo from June, 2015, which is stamped with the date, time and geographical coordinates!

Go for it, doxidorks!

Because there is a tidal wave of public curiosity about my real life identity, right?  My ego might like the idea but my brain stomps that delusion out quickly.  Doxing is reserved for people who “count.”

This image was grabbed from my dash cam footage taken as I headed back to my car one Saturday afternoon.  My dash cam, like my desktop computer, crumbled from overuse.  It was one of my favorite impractical purchases of all time.  I enjoyed leaving it running and check out what happened around my car while I was gone.  Very quirky on my part (really, nerdy as shit) but that is how I rolled.  This dash cam video from almost 6 years ago shows as I donned my sunglasses and posed an over-compensating Alpha stroll that only Quentin Tarantino could rival.



Bartleby TDV 2015



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