“Racial Plights” are for sissies

I’m not a racist.

Those words, circa 2021, may trigger acrimonious skepticism.   Such a sincere declaration on my part is bound in cultural defensiveness and doubt; that you simply utter the sentence implies to Woke tyrants that you are that which you say you are not, especially if it concerns a politically incorrect trope.

“You are not a racist? Why, that is racist for you to say!” they castigate.

The bar of acceptability for expression of commiseration with the cult of victimology is subtle and can solely be articulated in a manner embodying the esoteric Woke nuance that can only be assimilated into your vocabulary by immersion in that culture. I have not, I do not and I will not, immerse myself in that mindless narrative.  But it’s not because I am “racist.”

Or, how’s this for a trigger statement:

“I’ve had black friends.”

Out of bounds!

That racial disclaimer fruitfully incurs the wrath of defensive racialists looking for a whine to be had.  By earnestly pointing out your past or present friendships with persons of color, you are abutting the holy barrier of racial appropriateness.

Why you say “black friends?” That is an archaic model of seeking racial harmony, man; you don’t know the “black experience” just because you’ve had a black friend. You won’t know the black experience until we’ve pummeled you with our complaints and paranoias and tantrums and delusions of persecution, and after you’ve tired of that avalanche of race guilt, we’ll pummel you with white-people-hate just cause they are white and their ancestors lived in a society that viewed black, brown, red and yellow people as subhuman. That is an inheritance we wield over the modern narrative of scattered condemnations until we’ve whittled down your self-respect and logic into brittle twigs of racial sycophancy.

The declaration “I am not racist” is not cynical or propelled by ulterior motivation. It’s the most unblemished expression of “I really don’t care about your racial plight.”

Yeah, yeah, it’s a horrible thing that your ancestors were enslaved, hanged and treated like zoo animals.  It’s equally horrific that the slave mentality is your culture’s lineage which you can’t seem to shake free without substantive hiccups that interrupt the functioning of decent society. That sucks. And guess what?  My own ancestors were treated no better by the 17th,18th, 19th or 20th Century “White Devil” either.  Europe’s Imperialist history is just that: history.  Resuscitating it for the sake of compulsive catharsis serves no purpose unless its drama and arson you’re into.

The spiritual backbone of America, though you’d never guess it given today’s cultural temperature, is one of self-sufficiency and autonomy. It’s not whining about life’s travails or the entitled expectation that anyone gives a crap about your so-called “plight” or the extension of freebies. The basis of today’s artificial racial harmony is the effusive display of acting as if you “give a shit.” The new paradigm spins a rhythm where it is drummed into our heads that we should bear shame and responsibility for the black plight, and the plight of people of color everywhere. Shame is instilled and collective guilt is inculcated so deeply into our nascent mentality that we lose sense of individualism. America’s rugged spirit dies at the hands of institutional racial plight.

We all have our own plight. Plights are narcissistic and capriciously in tune with our shifting character. There are many people of color who choose not to languish in self-pitying puddles of helplessness and blame but this is not good optics for the Leftist finger-pointing motif; plights are of your own making. We can never know another’s plight and no one can know ours. I certainly don’t understand the plight of a poor black man from South L.A. just as I certainly don’t comprehend the plight of a wealthy Iranian from Brentwood.

Plights can be respected at best, but never understood. I respect plights because I am not a racist.  The definition of a racist is someone who perpetuates plights.  People who perpetuate plights come in all colors and you’d be shocked to consider that the biggest racists are those who rally cults around a narrative of their own ordained plight.

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