Putting the “men” back in menstruation, the Moderna way

Consider me easily amused.

Hey, it’s either that, or lose my mind while my clawing eyeballs out.  Two choices.  What would you do?

I present a news item from one of the largest American newspapers.  The story concerns an apocryphal side effect of one of the COVID-19 vaccines in circulation.  It’s not the story’s subject that amuses me.  There is nothing remotely amusing about the vaccine porn rammed down our throats each day.

No, I want to talk about this headline which one of the largest newspapers in America used to introduce the story.

Some people are reporting abnormal periods after a COVID-19 vaccine. U. of I. professor is looking for answers.

Hmm.  Let me get this straight.

“People” are getting abnormal periods after the vaccine?


“People” is an awfully broad term for “broads.”  If you get periods, you’re a woman.  Period.

Sad to see how far journalism schools have tumbled into the zombie ravine of Wokeness.

Unless the vaccine is making men get “abnormal periods” too.  In which case, COVID-19 is the least of our worries and I retract all bad things I say about the media.

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