Exploitive Biden advocates for the Floyd Movement

Joe Biden lost his son to cancer, which no one denies is tragic.


He’s not above exploiting the tragedy for political purposes (in a very subtle cosmetically un-exploitive manner, of course) and the latest is his subtle advocacy for George Floyd.

As the world waits for the verdict in the trial of the former Minneapolis police officer charged with murder in George Floyd’s death, Floyd’s younger brother said Tuesday that President Joe Biden called his family.

Thus, he begins.

The Left accused Donald Trump of ambiguous dog-whistle messaging to rouse his extreme constituents, and of course they’re right:  Donald Trump’s words channeled on 2 layers and one of those was broadcast to extremists. Guess what? Joe Biden and the Democrats have taken a cue and now we’re watching it play out in the matter of the Derek Chauvin’s trial. The Left is using their own brand of dog whistle to rouse their extremist elements.

At least Donald Trump just laid it bare which is the one trigger that ruffled the Left’s feathers for 4 years.  He was in their face.  Whereas Joe Biden is subtly hypocritical about it, Maxine Waters uses the call of ideology to convey her “point.”

He never lets a good family loss go to waste.

“He was just calling,” Philonise Floyd said of the Monday call on NBC’s “TODAY” show. “He knows how it is to lose a family member, and he knows the process of what we’re going through. So he was just letting us know that he was praying for us, hoping that everything will come out to be OK.”

Ah, nothing like sharing personal grief to link political agendas in a surreptitious, unspoken manner.


Philonise Floyd
philonise floyd


Joe Biden’s phone call was advocacy of the hypocritical sort since he is now doing what his party vilified Present Trump for during his term.  “People died” for Trump’s words, the Left shrieks.  Biden’s phone call and prayers for the Floyd family are abstract signals he has emitted to express hope for a Chauvin conviction. He is placing his emotional stake in a trial outcome that jives with the Left’s desires.

By implication, the President of the United States is condoning Philonise’s very own dog whistle.

While demonstrators and protesters will likely take to the streets regardless of the trial’s outcome, Floyd asked for them to be “peaceful.”

“But at the same time, I can’t stop people from doing the things that they’re doing because people are in pain,” Floyd said, adding that Daunte Wright was killed by a police officer following a routine traffic stop just 10 miles from the court room where Chauvin is being tried. “They’re hurt.”

When people die and stuff burns during the peaceful protests in the aftermath of the jury’s decision, will Biden be held accountable for his between-the-lines advocacy disguised-as-personal-grief?

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