What came first: the marginalized or the ignorant?

Again and again and again, it happens.

The ghetto urchins are like a broken record, thus, I react as a broken record too.

They cry and moan.  “The world is so racist and cruel and unfair and out to get us, especially when we make suspicious movements in dark alleys and blacked out cars and don’t heed elementary police orders.  It is so hateful and intolerant of our inability to act like civilized people. We are marginalized. Our communities are marginalized. Why O Why?”

Oakland protests (peaceful)

A protest that began peacefully in California ended with multiple fires set, several cars damaged and numerous windows shattered.

The protest against police brutality in Oakland began calmly Friday night, news outlets reported. A subsequent march drew around 300 people with some setting fires and breaking windows.

A car dealership was among the buildings damaged. At least one car was set on fire. A fire was also set outside a bank. Demonstrators were seen walking past the scene of a car crash.

Photos and videos posted online showed marchers with signs and flags. Many chanted the names of Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old who was shot and killed by an officer in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, and Adam Toledo, a 13-year-old fatally shot by an officer in Chicago.

“Began peacefully,” the MSM comforts.  I have news for them.  Any racial protest in Oakland does not begin “peacefully”; that it even begins is a violent threat. These protestors are predictable.  The world’s collective jaw would thud to its molten core if the “protest” began and ended without a single object set on fire, damaged or overturned. Ain’t happening; never happens. The moment the Oakland police protests began were the moment shit began escalating. It’s like when a drunk gets in a car with the keys in hand; the law is not broken, yet, but we know where this is going.

So let me get this vicious circle urban workflow straight.

Aggrieved groups gather to say how much cops suck and to deify common thugs in the news who ran afoul of police radar because they are basically stupid. The aggrieved groups cannot simply march and wave signs because emotion is a narcotic, so they amp it up.  They need to initiate destruction to sate their ghetto ennui.

They turn their shithole neighborhoods into bigger shitholes because now you have burned out husks of buildings joining the beautiful urban landscape of weeds, abandoned cars, graffiti, liquor stores and litter. Now their living environment, the ghetto feng shui, sucks even more. The feedback loop is tightened and the destruction merely serves as a stark reminder that your life sucks and you can’t help but make it suck more because you’re such a…victim.

“Marginalization” you wail but it is just a call for help. “I’m helpless and useless, please treat me like I’m not.”

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