Let’s get rid of the police. Thirteen-year-olds deserve it.

The Great Vaccine debate that has rippled through society for years, and which has accelerated for obvious reasons, can be distilled into a simple idea: vaccines are affronts to our physiology but we tolerate them because their greater contribution is a world where many deadly and disabling illness are extinguished or manageable. Who wants to live in the Dark Ages?

Cost-benefit analysis tells us that if millions of lives are saved we can’t trouble ourselves with the lives of 20, or even a thousand.

I would suggest the application of analogous logic in order to advance my proposed evolution of modern policing:  why don’t we get rid of all police departments and sworn police officers.  Just retire that tired model and do without police officers or agencies that are sworn to uphold the law. The laws will remain on the books and a great many people will abide by them because they are simply built that way; they do the “right” thing for no other reason than following the dictate of their own innate sense of morality. Sure, there will be many immoral opportunists who exploit the lack of enforcers of law, but in the big picture, the vaccine picture so to speak, our society will benefit greatly since we no longer are burdened by the expense of maintaining and budgeting police forces. The tax base will be exploited for other things like general relief, food stamps and other forms of free handouts, money normally reserved for police training, cruisers, weapons and siege equipment.

The beneficiaries of free handouts will no longer have to worry that they will continue representing a disproportionate share of police shooting “victims” or having to pin “racism” on all matter of self-inflicted wrongs; they can freeload with abandon in a post-police society. Lawyers and civil rights goons will not have much work to do in the realm of race and policing.

Most importantly, “parents” will no longer be held accountable (not that they are now, apparently) for the deeds of their delinquent childs. They will be able to let their 13-year-old children roam the city streets at 2:30 in the morning (on school nights, no less) without being judged or worrying that police will shoot their innocent little spawn.

In an unpoliced world, self-policing and unconditional conscientiousness will set the limits and standards of cohesiveness, trust and cooperation. Thirteen-year-old children who are awake at 2:30 on Monday mornings will be studying for Monday mid-terms or martyring themselves in alleys. In either case, they will be equally rewarded because neither example deserves to be disenfranchised in the spirit of our Woke era’s embrace of all “lifestyles” and classes.


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