Everyone’s doing the Pfizer Jig!

Is it just me or does it seem like Pfizer is the big kid on the vaccine block right now?

The pharmaceutical company has finagled the most favorable press coverage and gerrymandered pandemic PR into a carefully nurtured perception of steadfast safety balanced with astronomic efficacy.  The other vaccines are making people collapse in puddles of molten pus and slough globules of clotted flesh, all compounded by the fact that they don’t work as “great” as Pfizer in preventing a viral infection that is innately primed to avoid inflicting serious illness in the majority of people anyhow.

Pfizer is the It jab, baby.

Pfizer is reputable and will save your life better and with more pizzazz than the second-rate competitors.  Pfizer’s PR strategy is supreme.  They are saving the world, one deeply frozen syringe at a time.  Global concurrence is the lifeblood of profit and auspicious fortunes for all future pandemics, epidemics and whatever other eruptions of pestilence are foolish enough to assault us in the future.

The campaign is psychological;  the vaccine is a mothering tool that will guide us back to a world we thought we loved.

Let us celebrate Pfizer with a dance and a celebration.


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