Sadiq Khan seeks to institute the new British Femmepire

London Mayor and smart internationalist ethnic contribution to the Brit political playing field, Sadiq Khan, is laying down the law to men.

Stop acting like…men.

Short of the British government handing out surgical clippers for the mandatory self-castration of all XY representatives of the gender pool, Khan appears intent to pathologize masculinity by decree. His mission:  banish traditional masculinity and criminalize its expression.  Khan will see to it that we are left one bland, unremarkable morass of humanity undifferentiated by anything except its silver coifs and sturdy casual attires.

Sadiq Khan

Poor, poor Britannia. You are now a femmepire.

Sadiq Khan has warned “toxic masculinity” is at the root of violence against women and girls as he unveiled new measures to tackle the issue.

I am unable to listen to anyone who, in earnestness, castigates with that phrase.  I shut them right out. Masculinity and femininity are not toxic. They are modes of evolved behavior that have instilled themselves in our psychology and physiology over the millennia. Big bad toxic masculinity has brought us to this wonderful modern playground of smug assurance and unfettered trust in our ability to appraise gender roles behind the banner of enlightenment. Thanks to this, we enjoy the cultural ability to question our own gender expression.

Khan will have none of it!

Mr Khan placed emphasis on men overhauling their behaviour, warning the problem is driven by their “unacceptable attitudes” as he outlined his plans.

“It breaks my heart that so many women and girls do not feel safe in our country on a daily basis. And let’s be honest – these problems are caused by the unacceptable attitudes and behaviours of men,” London’s mayor said.

“The problem is not just with the minority of men who are violent, the problem is also with those men who are sexist, continue to behave inappropriately around women, perpetuate a toxic form of masculinity or just stand by silently when women feel threatened or are being threatened.

“Men simply must change. I promise to spearhead the change we desperately need to see in the way women and girls are treated in every single part of our society and at all ages.”

The Labour politician said he would “refresh” the capital’s strategy to address violence perpetrated against women and girls by rolling out new proposals to tackle the dearth of confidence women have in the criminal justice system when coming forward to report abuse. Mr Khan also called for sexual harassment in public spaces to be made a crime.

Mayor Khan has announced, to men, “Off with your bollocks!”

The latter day momentum from “prevention of outright violence” toward “criminalization of inappropriate” is self-destructive and rife with gender intolerance.  Khan scolds men, “Your primal instincts are evil, wrong and will no longer be tolerated. I am Mayor of London, hear me roar.”

Physical violence and sexual assault are criminal acts that are dealt with as such. Khan and other simpering representatives of maledom elevate this stark demarcation into a blurry, ambiguous partition in which all male behavior is questioned and marginalized by association with overt, criminal behavior.  Male apologists and their little mama’s boy minds are inculcated by empowered females: all male behavior is a threat and must be ostracized and defriended.

It’s quite easy for Khan and the elititariat;  their attained status filters for female attention and response.  The elititariat are in position to monopolize high status females. The condemnation of masculinity is a luxury they can afford to preach as they simultaneously shower the lower status males with strictures against “unruly, dangerous” behavior which is newly defined by the 21st Century female ethos.  Modern feminism is an extension of an empowered female mating ritual which harnesses high-powered efficiency as a weapon.  It enables high status males to solidify their grip on the mating market while pathologizing men who lack status, men whose only tool of equalization was rakish, confident behavior which was not threatening or harmful to women in eras past.

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