Maya Echols warns against Derek Chauvin acquittal

Maya Echols said this.

And most of you, especially people who would peruse tragic dog video, are saying to yourself, “Maya who-what?”

The vast celestial world of internet influencers has diverged rapidly from mainstream American (adult) culture, and many digital quasi-celebrities are not household names.  Every once in a while one of them contributes a resoundingly vacuous soundbyte which hooks the media and BAM, we all hear it whether we wish to or not.  Names that don’t normally roll off our lips suddenly reveal themselves.

The media loves to parrot and cite outlandish influencer “wisdom.” There is question about whether Maya Echols is a certified “BLM activist,” but it doesn’t matter. BLM is a nefarious, decentralized organization of mercenaries and proclaimers who haven’t done anything for the movement other than to tag along on its coattails of cultural dialogue-shaping in the matters of race and leftist politics. The same dynamic plays out through out the pockets of race-obsessed America in which people align themselves with BLM-adjacent agendas and spout Woke platitudes.

Tik Tok's Maya Echols
Untappable but not unfappable

Maya may not belong to BLM’s organizational structure but she is in a role that is much more dangerous: she is an influencer with almost a half million followers and has no qualms about issuing inflammatory declarations of war and violence from her self-adoring perch on Tik Tok. She has the ears of the ignorant and pliable sheep; her unapparent codified association with BLM is not pertinent, only that she plants the seeds of unrest in her flock’s impressionable minds.

Just sayin’.

The greatest disqualifier in today’s social arena. If you close out your missive with a token “just sayin’,” you are announcing that everything you said is to be taken with a grain of salt because the basis of your opinion is some bullshit socially-motivated agenda that is more capricious and hyperbolic than thoughtful or sincere.

Maya Echols tells us the cities will burn if Derek Chauvin is not convicted. But she added “just sayin'” so I guess it means this threat is beyond her control.

I wonder what would happen if a MAGA hanger-on went on social media and threatened the same results if Derek Chauvin is convicted? A purely theoretical alternative scenario in which right-wing extremists would take to the cities with guns and fire.

But…just sayin’

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