We are all rich now

I left a comment on another blog Saturday morning while my mind was fresh, rested and expansively obnoxious.  One of the greatest joys in the world is sleeping really well on a Friday night, something I didn’t experience until my 50’s.

The post I responded to was simply a Latin phrase which translates to, “That which harms, often teaches.”  As I wrote about in the introduction of my new blog category, “Aphoristic Modality,” the Latin phrase is one of those sparse philosophical observations which speaks volumes beyond its short sentence. For those avoiding deep digging, the interpretation is self-apparent. However, if you’re inclined, you can extrapolate those few words into walls of text by deconstruction and citation.

That is your call as a writer, and a reader’s call as a witness.
The aphorism lays the thought naked.

My reply, spontaneous and insightfully unrehearsed.

We don’t learn or evolve from that which does not test our mettle.

If life is handed to you, it slips through your fingers.

The first sentence, my summation of the phrase.
The second, my impromptu aphoristic bit of wisdom.

If life is handed to you, it slips through your fingers.

You, my reader, are no fool. The filtering mechanism that would direct you past the repellant gate of “tragic dog video” indicates to me that you have a special head on your shoulders. I wouldn’t dare to condescend you a long drawn-out explanation of my own aphorism.

I will simply expound that life was once handed to the very rich. Wealth denoted this; everyone else had to earn life. Or bear it.

Modernity has created a supreme collective class entangled into a furious morass of entitlement and delusional supremacy. We are wealthy, spoiled and gluttonous, even the most threadbare of us. The world of shared luxury beacons from social media’s promise.

Being handed life is now the rule.
We are told we can all go to university, we are all winners, we are all equal; of course we are handed life (or so we are led to believe).

We cannot cannot contain all the spoils in our hands, for gluttony of spirit is our prize and our shame.

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