Introduction of a new category: Aphoristic Modality

I really like, very nearly love, aphorisms.

I am not a long-post-writer type of blogger.

I’m into brevity and efficiency.  I take pride in conveying maximal narrative with as few words as possible. In real life, I’m not a talker and I get very drained when people are infatuated with their spoken word.  This mentality translates to my written, blog persona.

Robert Lindsay feels differently and lays it out very well in a prelude to a lengthy article about an unrelated subject. There’s no wrong or right to this pressing issue; apples and oranges, man. In my apple world, I’m into semantic asceticism.

The nature of an aphorism is in its micro-illumination of a larger wisdom that can be extracted into 1,000-word essays if desired, and this is their beauty.  Aphorisms express grand condensed concepts in spurts of philosophical ponderings which are laid like thought-provoking nuggets of wisdom that hatch discussions and thought experiments.

Aphorisms don’t coerce us into webs of involuntary wordplay; if we choose, we can choose to immerse ourselves at our own leisure. Aphorisms offer thought without the obsequious narrative.

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