Potassium George and the dialogue of race

Much of the interpersonal tension in today’s society stems from those conflicts which we believe should epitomize dialogue versus whether they accurately or deservedly represent said dialogue. Which leaves open a very key interpretation:

“My reason for why [incident A] should be used as a fulcrum about [dialogue A] is correct, and your reason for why it is not a fulcrum is the source of our animosity and why we yell at each other across social media.”

Many disagreements are not substantive, they are structural and meta in origin, but in the ensuing conflict we cloud the lineage of our dissonance with hyperbole and histrionics.  Having thus lost sight of the elemental conflict, we divert the argument to encompass matters quite separate.

Potassium George

And there was this guy.

The satirical nihilism of his infamous “banana dance” is a recursive stereotype that begs us to cringe in awe. A fatal incident that happened almost one year ago has become a malignant dialogue that has spread insidiously across our culture creating dialogues we retain and manipulate for our personal agenda. George Floyd’s death has sprouted epic tendrils of dialogue that have hijacked our attention and inspired a cosmic din of overlapping and clashing collisions.  Lost is reason or linearity to the fateful encounter he and the police had last year.

The same dynamic can be applied to most events but in smaller, insignificant degrees because nothing in the world can compete with the Floyd-Chauvin wreck. But let’s whittle down Floyd-Chauvin to its elemental configuration. What are the barest essences of dialogue to be retrieved?

The dialogue is not about Race. Race is a lower level trait. In modern global society, race is ubiquitously watered down and hybridized, representing less significance than economics, class, appearance, physical fitness and age.

Floyd-Chauvin should open dialogues about economic class, maintenance of physical and mental health, familial support systems and drug abuse.

Why is it those who parrot the utopian ideal of “race blindness” are most consumed with race as a dialogue to everything under the sun?

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