Blacks and hispanics continue fighting for the leftover pie

They are so cute when they eat each other.  You know, when they vie for persecutorial dominance and guilt-ridden commiseration.

Special treatment is the currency of the downtrodden identity groups in America.

Residents of one Chicago suburb are divided over how to rechristen a school named for a founding father who enslaved hundreds of Black people.

A majority of residents in Waukegan say they don’t want the district’s Thomas Jefferson Middle School to keep its name. But they haven’t yet been able to agree on someone else to name the school after.

One leading contender is Barack and Michelle Obama Middle School. For some in the community, though, that alternative doesn’t work either.

But wait.  Who would dare push back against well-deserved black recognition?
That is not a very Woke thing to do!

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Several Latinx activists and community members in Waukegan, Illinois, voiced their opposition to the proposal at a school board meeting on Tuesday, pointing to the former President’s record on deportations.

Whoops.  The only behavior more shameless than the feuding black and hispanic groups trying to get a slice of leftover pie are the pandering whites who goad this opportunistic feedback loop into action.

“I want to urge the school board to drop the names of Barack and Michelle Obama from consideration,” said Oscar Arias, a Waukegan native and graduate of the district’s schools. “Barack Obama’s presidency was filled with hostility against the immigrant community.”

It is somewhat refreshing to see a glimmer of pushback against Wokeism, but the problem is that the pushback’s motivations are entirely from a Wokeism of a different shade of dark.  There persists the “my [insert special interest group] must be honored and remembered by [insert vague and obligatory gesture that doesn’t matter]” dynamic. Cry for us, name shit after someone who was one of us.  Hollow gestures go a long way toward making us feel…recognized.

If I was a betting man (and especially if I wasn’t), I’d place my bets on the black team.

Hispanics have nothing in terms of cultural feistiness and existential threat. Hispanics are horrible, horrible at the victim game. Asians too; they suck at it. Have you seen their pitiful attempts at cultivating the narrative of injustice with the whole “stop asian hate” thing?  Both these groups cannot conjure the fear and histrionic concern of society-at-large that a couple of other groups are particularly adept at triggering (other groups I shall not name for fear of spreading hate).

Hispanics can’t even drum up a particularly hispanic label for their Woke generation representation.  That pathetic try-hard “latinx” pays no homage to the grueling hispanic experience.  It’s all about kowtowing to a more fashionable and threatening identity group: the gender confused.

Nah, the victim game is specifically suited to some special cultural teams but less so some others.

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