If 9/11 stole our Home, COVID-19 stole our Body Temple

September 11, 2001.

Life-altering, occurring within a brief parcel of time, that day rattled society, issuing shock waves which still continue through today. As monumental the events of that day were, the gravity of their horror was “condensed” into that flicker of a New York morning. Like a nuclear bomb, the explosion and radioactive pulse shocked us from our slumber. The “real” damage occurred in the years following as we witnessed, like a slow burning frog, our rights and liberties minutely expunged from our public lives. This endless Orwellian war state became a fixture of modern existence. It’s no mistake that the concomitant leaps in technological evolution happened on the backbone of 9/11: the internet slithered its way into the undeniable mechanics of the world through increasingly sophisticated smart phones and internet-of-all-things gadgets which allowed every facet of life to parade before a global web of witnesses.

The event became etched in our collective consciousness as “9/11.” A singular point in time which saw a galaxy-like destruction of liberties expand as governments and globalist politicians, egged on by a culture of fear embedded in the citizenry by the media and cultural rulers. What we once assumed, could no longer be. Assumptions about our presumed legal innocence were nebulous and the bar for arrests and detainment fell a few notches. So pervasive was the fear of invaders, the “evil-doers,” that we locked up our country, our buildings, our homes. We demanded and accepted the relinquishment of the sanctity of privacy we had somewhat enjoyed prior. And we got it. Governmental and corporate elites complied with our fears, the very fears they helped inculcate.

9/11 took our home.

We waived the right to question the rulers, we overlooked the insidious escalation of surveillance justified by the demands for security and safety, and ignored the generalized, collective loss of autonomy we once enjoyed as free citizens of the United States. Human tragedy makes us myopic and timid; we retreat to childish helplessness and are apt to entrust governmental “parents” with abusive privileges we wouldn’t tolerate in normal times. 9/11 triggered fear narratives that threatened our homestead and we responded by allowing the American government to comfort us that it would uncover evil before it happened as long as we gave them a little “extra” reach, something they nobly called the Patriot Act. The overreach became ingrained in our collective consciousness, a habit of perception and expectation.  We lost sight of it.

If 9/11 was an event, the COVID-19 pandemic was a sentence.

Whereas 9/11 was an eruption with a visible demarcation, the pandemic was a diffuse hellish haze that refused to lift. It was no less fierce than 9/11, and in fact was worse on many orders of chaos. The mechanics of the pandemic were similar: a “foreign” invader (all apologies to President Trump) which threatened American dreams of frivolity and consumption.  The invader was a threat to the elite’s grasp of our consumption.  It was an insidious usurper which slowly filled our vision with death and disruption, thus instilling dread and fear and eliciting infantile submission on our part.  Which can only mean one thing:  time to summon the governmental mommy and daddy team. Our fear was palpable, the panic overwhelming and tolerance for elitist overreach at a fever pitch.

If it can be said that 9/11 precipitated a contraction of liberties, COVID-19 will be responsible for precipitating a chasm of societal upheaval in the coming decades.

We surrendered the sanctity of our Home after 9/11, and as the pandemic loosens its grip (at the hands of savior technology), we appear willing to surrender the sanctity of our Body Temple.  The exponential leaps of technology readied to fend off Muslims in planes will pale in comparison to the leaps aimed at an invasive viral particle whose contagiousness swarms us like a thick global cloud of locusts.

COVID-19 Immunity passport

It’s hard to envision what we can look forward to in the next chapter of elite, governmental intrusion into our lives, but since the playing field has retreated to the mysterious innards of physiology, look for exponential evolution in robotics and micro-surveillance of not only our movements, but our general state of health, mental and physical.  Nothing works like prevention.

Great strides are coming in the realm of “Microscopic Brother” and his invisible dictatorial presence in our life. We comfort ourselves with a lazy notion that we are warding off evil by subjecting ourselves to intrusive meddling by our governmental parents and willfully ignore the likelihood that condoning intrusive meddling is, by nature, like allowing a vampire into the house. It will not just “go away” once the pandemic is over. It will incrementally grow sophisticated as the economy of technology invests so heavily in the advances that they will multiply, regardless of need by consumer. The advancements create a need, and that need is extreme oversight. And there is always a customer for that.

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